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Piteå, as experienced by Sam Dunstan A friend of mine, Sam Dunstan has written a hilarious blog entry about his visit to Sweden that I find so amusing that people who are interested in Sweden and the swedes really should read. It's hilarious as a swede since there are so many embarrassing truths, especially if you live in Piteå.

"Piteå is about 50kms from nowhere. Despite the university (reputable) and paper mill (smelly), there is very little going on here. Granted, there are few towns that have a snowmobile drive-through McDonalds"

The blog entry isn't just about Piteå but also has lots of thing in general about Sweden that we should be proud of. Reading it from Sam's perspective is quite interesting because he sees it in a way only a non-swede could but still we recognize so much of it.

"I could hear my wallet creak in agony everytime I opened it to pay for something. I had to stop mentally converting prices to the old AUD when I bought things because it kept making me dizzy. To be fair, herrings were cheap and good. But how many herrings can you eat? I'm not a seal."


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