I came back last night to London. Getting the luggage at Stanstead took half the time the whole flight took. Bloody Ryanair!

With me I brought a "tummy-bug" (spelling?). So last night I couldn't eat and a painful stomage kept me awake many hours. It still feels like a hangover but now tonight I've managed to eat some soup and decarbonated coca cola.

This is terrible timing because tomorrow I have to exams. One at 9AM and one at 1PM. Like I wrote in Two exams on the same day I said I would be supervised between the two. Yes, this is the case. Someone will babysit me for two hours until I sit the next exam. Let's hope my stomage and I can make it. I have studied a bit today but not enough I don't think. Not happy.



Hey - good luck on the exams. Happy new year.

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