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01 November 2005   1 comment   This site

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I've now set up alias to www.peterbe.com such that ww.peterbe.com and wwww.peterbe.com both redirect to www.peterbe.com.

We'll see what effect this might have and if it's worth. I guess 99% of all visitors on this site get it right but this tightens the "fool-proofness" even more. Google have one such alias set up on ww.google.com but not wwww.google.com

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Sascha Welter
Another options: Put in a catchall, so even typing vvv.peterbe.com (or isurecannnottype.peterbe.com) will get it right :-) This does not get in the way of using more meaningfull subdomains for other purposes.
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