Add links to a text (take II)

10 November 2004   1 comment   Python

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If you missed the entry about Add links to text with URLs I suggest you read that first. This script has now been improved with bug fixes thanks to David Otton and Flump Cakes.

Download: addhrefs-0.4.tgz
It does not come with a nice installer because I don't think it belongs to the generic Python library anyway. If you want to use it, copy the file to somewhere useful.

This is how it works:

>>> from addhrefs import addhrefs
>>> t='''Hello
and go to
send to 
or <>'''
>>> print addhrefs(t)
Hello <a href=""></a>
and go to <a  href=""></a>
send to <a href=""></a> 
or <<a  href=""></a>>

The example might be confusing since the Python code highlighter tries to do what addhrefs does.

UPDATE: Link to addhrefs-0.4.tgz didn't work before. Now it does.


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