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25 October 2005   0 comments   Linux

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 12 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

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Ever worried about how to handle a 20 Petabyte (that's roughly 21 million Gigabytes) digital archives? Shane Hathaway has. As far as I can see it's only a research project without any beta code so far but it sure is geekily exciting in a way.

He mentions one of problems with this and for that you don't need a double PhD to understand:

"Power is a large concern. 20 PB worth of spinning hard drives would incur a power bill in the neighborhood of $100,000 per month. Over time, that power bill could even exceed the hardware acquisition cost."

Even though it's just a rough estimate it's still quite fascinating.

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