How to deploy a create-react-app

04 November 2016   1 comment   Web development, Javascript, ReactJS

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First of all, create-react-app is an amazing kit. It's a zero configuration bundle that gives you a react app boilerplate with a dev server, linting and a deployment tool. All are awesome but not perfect.

I could go on giving this project praise but if you're here reading this you might be convinced already.

Anyway, the way you deploy a create-react-app project is actually stunningly simple, but there is one major caveat to look out for. Basically running yarn run build will first delete existing files in the ./build/ directory. Files that it indents to replace. For example your ./build/index.html or your ./build/static/js/main.94a86fe3.js.

So, what I suggest is that you deploy it like this:


# Go into the project where the package.json exists
cd myproject
# Upgrade any libraries
# Use 
yarn run build
mv build build_final

Note! This tip is only applicable if you deploy "in place" as opposed to building a whole new container/image and swapping an old container/image for a new one.

Now, for your Nginx point to the ./build_final directory instead. For example:

# /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/mysite.conf
server {
    root /full/path/to/myproject/build_final;

    location / {
        try_files $uri /index.html;
        add_header   Cache-Control public;
        expires      1d;

The whole point of this tip is that it's a good idea to not point Nginx to the ./build directory (but to a copy of it instead) because otherwise, during the seconds that yarn run build runs (1-5 seconds) a bunch of files will be missing and Nginx will send 404 errors to the clients unlucky enought to connect during the deployment.

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