URL: http://semco.locaweb.com.br/ingles/

Brynhildur kindly points out that the English Semco website can be found on http://semco.locaweb.com.br/ingles/

Not a terribly good website but it works and I can read some more about the company I didn't already know. Since it's a bloody Flash site I can't link to individual pages I'd want you to visit, but when you go there be sure to find the "The SEMCO Management Model" which describes in simple and quick terms what this is all about.

There's also an interesting Timeline animation showing what they were up to in different years. Since I read the "Seven-day Weekend" a lot has changed in terms of their business offering. Nothing of what they do seems mainstream or at least they do well in rephrasing themselfs so that it doesn't sound mainstreamed.

PS. If you want to know why I'm blathering about this corporate website, read my review of The Seven-day Weekend


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Gail Mingard

Alison Crooks, Head of Barclays Bank Africa, People Development would like the contact email address for Ricardo Semler - are you able to supply?

Thank you

daniel wong

Hi Gail, any luck with Ricardo Semler's email address ? If you did, can you kindly pass on as I'm keen to contact him . Thanks. Daniel Wong


Hi Gail, any luck with Ricardo Semler's email address ? If you did, can you kindly pass on as I'm keen to contact him . Thanks. Judy

Geoff Oneill

Hi Gail

I too have long been a fan of the Semco way. As I am visiting Brazil soon I was hoping to try and meet Ricardo Semler (I am possibly going to live in Brazil and wouldlove to work for them)

please advise

Marcelo Prado dos Santos

Hi, my name is Marcelo Prado dos Santos, I m a MBA student in London UK and really would like to say that I completely agree with the philosophy that Semler adopt in Semco and the reason is because nowadays there are so many organizations around the world and the main specific point is to maximize profits. However, organization is running by employees, therefore they will definitely go for a better one rather than staying loyalty with the others that just looking after themselves, in other words, enterprises with a broader viewer will survive.
I really would appreciate if one question could be answered and replied to the following e-mail address (jurisprado@yahoo.com.br). How Semco utilizes its Human Resources policies, if there’s, is it necessary? Seeking qualifications which are well beyond the immediate requirements of the job can be advantageous as the organization will not have to spend as much on staff development in future, is that agreeable?

Your faithfully
Marcelo Prado dos Santos

A. Windrim

Good morning to you,

I saw a wonderful documentary concerning Semco SA and Ricardo Semler on the French TV channel called TEVA. I would just like to say that I think all of the employees, Ricardo Semler and their company are fabulous for showing the world that there can be democracy and equality for all in a company where people no matter what level they are can go to work each day feeling positive and that they have control over their work lives and are not controlled and inhibited by a chosen few. It is wonderful to know that somewhere in the world there are people who believe, think and work like this. It is marvelous to see that Ricardo Semler has gone ahead and broken down the matrix system of companies in the world where employees are under constant stress, fear and powerlessness which can end up ruining their lives and their families lives rather than enriching them. He has made working in a company a win win situation for all. It is just phenomenal.


I found your website to be very helpful considering I am doing a term paper about Semco related to participatory management, for my Masters degree. My main question is about structure, obviously early on it was rigid and very hierarchical, and Ricardo Semler had an idea or vision of what he liked or wanted he may not have been able to see it fully from that early on acquiring the company from his father. So it seemed to me that with the changes in his life, as well as changes in economy in Brazil, he did a sort of trial and error with respect to organizational structure, - situational structure, to deal with threats, oppression, etc ... he ended up with something truly democractic and truly participative as far as management style / structure goes. Eventhough he did not have a clear cut vision and 5 year plan to achieve it. Events seem to gear him that direction of being participative and democratic (i.e. his health status and quality of life concerns), even without his knowledge. So I guess my question or I would like to ask for your opinion is.... How would you describe specifically what type of structural changes did Semco go through from early hierarchical to now. I have read both Maverick and the Seven-Day Weekend as well as extensive research on the net and our own text couvered him as a case study. I ask because you seem to be someone that would be a nice sounding board.

Cláudio Kfuri

Hi, were anybody able do find Ricardo Semler´s email ? I´ve been looking for it for a time and couldn´t find anything...it seems that he doesn´t have one...


Well, it seems that Ricardo Semler has read The Illuminatus Trilogy and is applying Hagbard Celine's concepts ...
Let's hope he doesn't die in a strange accident, and that others company managers will try it as well .


hii..every one there plz help me out i am doing an assignment of 2500 words on semco...plz provide me with sum if u can...

Ricardo Aronsohn

Its my terminal days...i need contact Ricardo, the questions is open.

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