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What does $456 billion buy? "Including the $124.2 billion bill, the total cost of the Iraq war may reach $456 billion in September, according to the National Priorities Project, an organization that tracks public spending.

The amount got us wondering: What would $456 billion buy?"

This is an amazing slideshow article made by boston.com about what the Americans could have done instead of spending $456 billion on the Iraq war. Granted, the republicans objective was to go in an exploit the country for oil which they saw as an investment whereas investing in health and life in Africa would be too far fetched for the shortsighted morons in Washington.

Ok. Suppose George and co. would have been successful in Iraq and with that, move in a few lucrative industrial deals for oil and reconstruction. I wonder how many thousands of years it would take to get return on that investment if the input is $456 billion.



The people who put in the investment aren't the same who haul in the "return on investement".


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