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Timesonline.co.uk Times Online has at the bottom of its menu three little pics that links to Travel, Cars and Jobs. In case the images have changed since I wrote this, see my screenshot here.

Notice anything special?

I could be wrong or this could be a Swedish thing but I though only Nazis and facists greet each other with a left handshake. I understand that they've just done this to fit the symmetry but for all those conspiracy crazy people out there, there might be more to this. Anywho, it's an embarrasing misstake :)


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Nazis, fascists, and... boy scouts?

Actually, that kinda works...

Matt Schinckel

I met a guy with no right hand: he shakes with his left...;)

Peter Bengtsson

thus: he must be a nazi

Tyler Laing

Actually, shaking with your left hand is a good thing. In Africa the shield is held with your left hand, and when you hsake someone's hand with your left, it shows that your "letting down your guard" so to speak. I don't know where you got the Nazi thing from, but it the laft-hand shaking is merely a /cultural/ thing. Not bad. Sorry, but that is very american of you to assume that something different is bad.

Peter Bengtsson

I'm not american. I saw it in a film where the neo nazis made a big deal about shaking hands with the left hand.
Interesting trivia that stuff about the africans.


the guy who did the button on photoshop or whatever just clicked to flip canvas horizontally.. and then you got a left-hand handshake... that's all

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