FacebookStatusUpdater This is silly but fun. I can with one command on the command line start updating my Facebook profile. It's not using the Facebook Developer API but a PHP script I copied from some other blog I can't find right now. Here's how I use it:

peterbe@trillian:~ $ FacebookStatusUpdater 
Peter is happily blogged about his latest facebook status updater
Updating Facebook...

It's an interactive prompt and starts with "Peter is " and then I write till I hit the Return and it gets uploaded and saved. See attached screenshot.

The bash script is clever in that it either takes parameters or it shows the interactive prompt. If I write this:

peterbe@trillian:~ $ FacebookStatusUpdater blogged about something

...it won't run the prompt. Here's the bash code I used:

if [ "$#" == 0 ]; then
  read -p "Peter is " myline
echo "Updating Facebook..."
php5 -f /home/peterbe/Programs/UpdateFacebookStatus.php $myline


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