This is propaganda against senator John McCain and a lot of the snippets of what he says is out of context making it borderline unfair. I'm not American and I can't vote in this 2008 election but if I could I would certainly not vote for McBush.

There are a lot of Youtube videos making fun of McCains incompetency, lies and gaffs. Some are just plain funny and some are quite refreshing but we have to, bear in mind that this is nothing but propaganda and should we really endorse this kind of stuff? Well, I'm genuinely afraid that if America continues to let corporations rule the world and allow politicians use their might to kill people and the planet then maybe a little propaganda to get the message out might be OK. Or, is the reason we support progressive candidates like Ron Paul and Barak Obama that we reject lies and propaganda.

The question is, with this much at stake should we play by the rules?


Cliff Wells

It's an unfortunate fact that most Americans simply do not have the time or interest to be truly involved in politics. A very small minority knows the issues or a particular politician's historical stance on those issues. At the end of the day, most of them vote based on how they "feel" about a candidate. This is why spreading outright lies is so effective. Even if a lie is proven wrong later, once the lie has hit the media, there's a lasting impression that makes it all the way to the voting booth.

Personally I'll be voting for Obama (although Ron Paul would have been a real alternative) as McCain has made it plain that his major interest is the so-called war on terror. Anyone who can't see what a tragic farce that whole thing has turned into isn't capable of being president.

Peter Bengtsson

Why aren't people interested in politics? Unlike here in Europe (I can only speak for UK and Sweden) you have commercials on TV and surely these "most Americans" do watch TV?


Calling John McCain a "war hero" is sorta like calling Ryan Leaf a "Hall of Fame quarterback".

Just because he wears the same uniform, does not entitle him to ponce around like somebody who DID'NT make 32 propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese.

But once again, the idiot Democrats by acknowledging this misconception, are conceeding his perceived strength, rather than fact.

God help us all.

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