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Where I live we have a stereo in the living room with decent sound that I often use when cooking (assuming I'm home alone). Since I'm too modern to still use those blank things called CDs I have to rely on MP3 through my Treo 650 on which I've got an SD card filled with 1gb of MP3. This works but limits me. I love Pandora and have always wanted to be able to get Pandora into my livingroom stereo. It's not been possible until now. The solution is called Squeezebox and costs $300 (£170).

I've just finished this article on NYTimes.com and it seems to be the answer to all of my problems. It's a lot of money for something I only use a couple of minutes per day but I think I'm ready to spend it just because it can do Pandora as well as play the MP3 I have on my linux and my mac over the wireless home network. Now let's hope we'll see these on the UK market soon at decent prices. Wish me luck :)


Ian Bicking

I haven't been that happy with mine, I'm afraid. One more thing to maintain. The only benefit I see over hooking up your portable is that you can stream live radio from the internet, which is cool. But the server software crashes or freezes often, which is not cool.

Ben Mason

I've had no problems with mine. Streaming through Wi-Fi. I've installed the AlienBBC plugin so I can stream Radio 1 etc. No crashing, excellent toy. Bit pricey though!

Harlamp Hurrik

I would like to wish you much luck. And a lot of money. Thank you.

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