URL: http://www.hernia.org/

On the home page: 6 distinctly different flashing/blinking animations and 14! different font displays (different sizes and different colours). It's got annoying background sound (if your browser allows it).

www.hernia.org There's really very little good to say about this website. Perhaps the content is good if you have hernia; but if I did, I don't think I'd manage to stay long on this site. I actually think it's so bad that it might be a joke.

Ok I must admit that this site is somewhat excuses because it was probably written a few years ago. 2001 I suspect. In the meta tags it mentions Mozilla 4.6 (probably means Netscape Communicator) which was release in late 1999.

In the source code you'll also find clever code like this:

 WIDTH="458" SCROLLDELAY="60" SCROLLAMOUNT="2"><b><font face="Times"><font
 color="#FFFFFF"><font size=+0>



How we will prevent the Hernia by Yoga?
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