If you haven't already looked at Pixoh.com you've missed a great site. Pixoh's strapline is "Edit pictures online" and that's what it does. And well. Sure, it's no Photoshop or Gimp but it's good enough for most of the image operations you might want to do. I've recommended lots of people to edit their images there if they don't have an image editing program installed.

What's nice about Pixoh.com is that it's written in Twisted AND looks great. Few people are smart enough to grasp this powerful Python framework AND have the artistic talent too. It's not uncommon that clever brainiacs have ugly looking websites with horrible colours written in Lisp or Haskell and artistic people have beautiful websites written in PHP. Look at the Zope 3 website compared to CakePHP. I know, before you flame me, I'm generalising and exaggerating but you must admit that there's a pattern out there isn't it?

When I had a look at Pixoh.com I also discovered their other project called Instant Domain Search which is brilliant for finding out what .com, .net and .org domains are taken or not. Sadly, there's very little left to register. With instant domain search you can start typing and for every letter you enter it (almost) immediately says if the current word is registered or not.

Check these out. I've bookmarked both of them!


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