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Amazon has added a wicked feature to their site. You can now search for words inside the books. That's like being able to search a library just like Google searches the web.

According to to this blob at Metafilter you can search some 33 million words. The blob also mentions some shortcomings of the feature which you'd expect.

Here's Jeff Bezos official announcement



From my chat to David Otton about this:

djo 17:34: There are easier ways.
djo 17:34: You unbind the book.
djo 17:35: and feed the pages into a camera, not a scanner.
djo 17:35: And you take the picture with a foot-pedal.
peterbe 17:35: I'll quote you on that on my webpage. Ok?
djo 17:35: You can do.... 70 pages a minute?
djo 17:35: Sure.

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