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Tube in 3D Fascinating view of the London tube map. Not quite sure how accurate this is. I mean, how can this 3D designer know so much about the engineering work put into the tube? Maybe it's not that hard to find out.

It's fun to see how much further down the Jubilee line is. Was that not one of the latest additions to the network?


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Hallo Peter

I am surfing on the net trying to find a decent map of greater London, ideally 3d. I came across the link to the 'London Underground map in 3D' but unfortunately it does not work. Could you send me a link so that I can have a look, the idea is fantastic, I bet it looks amazing!

Thank you for your help!


I too was thinking about how good it would be to have a 3D model of just the central area of the Tube system - the whole network would be too big. It would make a very interesting table-top model, with each line represented by a tube of the same colour as the ones represented on a standard 2D tube map. Any idea about how I could get one gratefully accepted...



hi phil, did you find a 3D model of the london underground as its my husbands 5o th soon and it would make a great pressie


hi peter
the map loks good but i can't get on to it can you send me a link please
Kind regards


Ditto the two above comments.


Hi Peter

Same as above please.
The map looks awesome in the Thumbnail. Do you know who actually created it.




Hi peter. Could you send me a link or tell me were can i find this map. Thanx!!

Gareth Roberts

I remember using this link a few years ago and it was great. I tried to get in during the summer of 2005 but the designer had taken it offline, possibly because of the new bomb threats on the tube network. Looks like it's still inactive.


any idea if it will ever be back up, looks good


Hello, I'm the person who was responsible for the 3d tube map. I actually took the original site offline because it was becoming a pain to maintain due to the restrictions on my free web hosting; I was unemployed at the time so I couldn't afford to pay for proper service.

I switched over to a blog format a while back but nearly all of the links out there point to the old site unfortunately. There isn't a lot of 3d tube stuff on the new site except for a couple of experimental pics of what it would look like with the East London Line added back in. If you want to see it, it's at http://recenda.blogspot.com/search/label/3d%20tube%20map


Fantastic.After hop,skip and jumping across all the lines through the last 10 days I've been in london , I was dying to visualize the subterranean world underneath london where 9 million out of the 10 million londoners live :-)) at any given point of time.Thanks for new link Mr. Recenda.

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