Molvania: A land untouched by modern dentistry

03 May 2004   3 comments   Misc. links

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 14 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

Powered by Fusion× shows extracts from a travelling book about the country Molvania. It's very funny, complete with pictures and accommodation reviews like this:

"Another equally cheap hostel is the Majkvic Jverzte, which is located in a peaceful neighbourhood, well away from traffic, noise and crowds. On the downside, it’s a three-hour bus ride to the city outskirts – but at least the rooms are neat and regularly fumigated. Facilities are understandably basic with shared bathrooms and dormitory-style bunks. During the low-season there’s also a 10% discount for students, although this status must be proved with an official ID card or some form of body-piercing."

The FAQ is also worth checking:

Most people get to Molvania either by air and by accident."


I've bought the book now. I really recommended it. We shared it on a holiday and it really made us laugh, look:
David Akast
The only book that has ever been described as 'laugh-out-loud funny' that actually is.
Jussi Hirvelä
The travel guide was very, very usefull when we visited Molvania last autumn. Learn more from our website:
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