URL: http://creativecommons.org/getcontent/features/movingimagecontest

Creative Commons "Creative Commons"n:http://creativecommons.org is some sort of licensing pool to protect your work as you please. How this is different from GPL, BSD, Shareware, ZPL, etc. I don't know. They have a nice couple of pages that explain what creative commons is but I haven't looked through it all. I did read this FAQ page. From what I gather it's a way for creative people to put a sensible license to their work without too much confusion with setting up your own license. The other licenses mentioned above are maybe for IT, whereas creative commons is for non-tech people; ...as well.

They've had a "contest"n:http://creativecommons.org/contest/, and the winners have been announced. Download the winner and enjoy. It's 9Mb but worth it. Well done whoever did it.


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