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PayPalSucks.com PayPalSucks.com is a webpage about how bad PayPal is. It lists all the main reason for why it sucks and a forum (well used it looks) for peoples own horror stories.

This can't be good for PayPal. Maybe the page is secretly supported by one it its rivals. Or, some smart ass sets the site up and then expects a large donation from PayPal corp. for taking the site down.

At work we used WorldPay, and the only bad thing I've found about them is this piece about the customisation


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paypalsucks.com is one of many sites detailing the problems people have with paypal. i have nothing to do with the site or paypal, but surely people have the right to voice there concerns.


They got 1,600 dollars

Paypal sucks yes it does. They try any excuse to hold your money as long as they can under the guise of security measures that YOU dont even ask for.Then they want you to bend over backwards faxing them sensitive personal data that is not required when you join even when everythings been verified, or they can keep the money. I think its becoming a deceptive internet trend they reinvest your funds into an account earning interest, the longer the better, the more money in the more money out. This whole thing is really a case of David and Goliath but as PAYPALSUCKS site continues to grow maybe the little man can get that bully off his back, Oh & they have an excellent, ruthless legal department,are not a bank so dont apply to the FDIC regulations and have members on the BBB, You never know til it happens to you but how else can you win?

So does Paypal suck HELL YEAH!
Am I glad for the site DEFINATELY.

Burnt badly

karl odonoghue

i have been offered a car from abroad for 5000k and they want to have the money paid into yahoo finance who will hold monies until i receive car-is the a safe secure site?

mrs j burn

i recently tried to close my paypal account as my daughter had been ordering alot of stuff. paypal said i could not close the account due to a negative balance so i had no alternative but to close my bank account. this was in march. i also closed my e bay account. any transactions with paypal were sent back from the bank and no goods were received. today i have had a bill from paypals debt collectors for £65.00 even though i have received no goods. i cannot find a tel or address for paypal. can you help me.


Hi there

If u need asistance just sent me an email.


My 5,000 dollars is frozen in $%#@ Paypal for over a year now, b.c i had lot of frauds! Why punish the seller? Freeze my money and make interest of it!


I have been trying to close my PayPal accoutn, which is in good standing, and can not. I have called PayPal for the past week and been trying to close it online and keep getting told that it's a "site issue". I have since sent a complaint to the SEC for possiable over stating the true amount of account holders of a PayPal account. If they keep people from closing their account, they can then state they have over XX amount of user and account holders. But if XX is trying to close their account and PayPal won't let them, then PayPal is overstating how mahy people should be signed up and how many accounts are "real" accounts. This drives up and keeps up their stock prices. This is true even if its "private" stock that is being sold or "public" stock.

I really hope that the SEC does get involved with this and slams them. I have never had a problem with PayPal in about 7 years of using them. I am trying to close this account because eBay will no longer be accepting paper checks from buyers anymore. I have also closed my eBay account as well.

Larry Hickey

I can attest to the fraudulent nature of PayPal. They have frozen my account twice in the past 7 days and even reversed a transaction that took place while the account was not frozen. As many people have attested, there was no communication at the time the account was frozen. These are truly evil bastards you are dealing with. The jetfuel for their scam is that they are not a bank in the US. They are in Europe but not in the US. So they are not subject to consumer protection regulations and are free to rape to their heart's content.


I have also had ongoing problems with paypal. Interestingly AVG lists www.paypalsux.com as risk category "exploit server" and blocks my access to it. What is that about? Have paypal ordered this?

Peter Bengtsson

No, that's not a real site. It's a spam site, that's why.


I have been using paypal since 2006. Todate not a single problem. I know people do have problems with them and they have the right to tell other prople about it. But pages like this make it seem very one sided. Just wanted to share positive experience


A bit like Judas Iscariot's wife saying what a good cook he is.
By standing up for corporate crook you're just telling the world you don't have a set




paypal's costumor service is completly nihil, if you ever have the misfortune to have problems, being scammed or ripped off, you can't expect paypal to help you, they'll send you a copy paste email reply everytime from another person, and never an actual answer, nor will they investigate things closely, you'll end up ripped off. I wish I could report paypal somewhere so their whole company would be closely investigated and that they'd be forced to have a costumor service dealing with matters, and not trying to hush everything up. It's no wonder there's such a website as paypalsucks.com (although I cannot visit it cause my antivirus software says it's not a safe website).

aaron sneddon

Paypal have £800 of my money, held without much reason other than it came in two payments. I received the money from selling a camera on Ebay, one i had originally purchased from EBay. Even the buyer advised Paypal for me that he had received it OK, i also provided a reference from where i got it from, i also sent proof of ID and address. Paypal are not interested, just more questions like the police. Paypal have well and truly ripped me off, nothing is being done, its not enough money to take them to court over, I may just join the next lawsuit against Paypal.

Aaron Sneddon

G Dukle

Have purchased a Runescape account from someone for 220 USD and surprise, surprise he hasn't sent account details. There is no way you can get a refund if you are scammed because the seller has to have funds in their Paypal account and I suppose they will empty the account on a regular basis!!! This has happened to me once before. I should have learnt my lesson.


How about this one:

I open an account with them for a specific transaction. I have to give them credit card which they then charge $3 to for verification. All OK so far.

Then I try to purchase something, they say "no", freeze my account and tell me I am being fraudulent. Meanwhile (luckily I suppose) they keep the $3. After many back and forth ridiculous emails to "customer service people" (probably bots), I say "screw it" and close my account.

Shocker. I couldn't even use it once before they froze my account? Huh???


I opened a paypal account cuz I started doing design work online. Clients pay me via paypal. After a few transactions were cleared and withdrawn from my bank account (and spent), paypal decides that because I am NEW, they are suspicious of me and have placed a hold on the funds they released and I've spent. Customer service rudely told me "you're new, we don't know who you are and why you are receiving money!" - Isn't that what paypal is for??? I am broke and waiting for these scammers to hopefully release my money (other payments I received that they have reversed). I am THRU with these online payment things. MONEY ORDERS! To hell with paypal. PayHELL.


PAYPAL SUCKS - your bloody right it does, its buyer compensation policy is a sham just like E Bays buyer protection, not worth the paper its written on.


It's Right. I was not aware. But most websites promote paypal. Today, I registered a domain at www.bbchost.com

The payment method redirected me to paypal. The price for the domain was $4.49. The payment page was redirected to paypal, but the total amount became $14.49. Then I choose another payment method and paid $4.49 and registered the domain without any error.

Thank you Billdesk.

joe garrison

Maybe clickbill.net can help you, they have over 200 banks to choose from..


We sold a computer for £189 to a buyer who came and picked it up from our house. He gave us the receipt number. We were able to lift the money so didnt think anything of it. 9 days later we sold tickets for £90. We went to pay our ebay fees and we couldnt. Paypal said we were in a negative balance. We phoned them to be told, they had sent an email to us (conveiniently we did not receive) and they are holding the payment. We are to pay the 189 back because the credit card the buyer used was flagged up fraudulent after we were able to lift it. They said that they are awaiting a response from the buyer to confirm the credit card used. If the buyer does not confirm it in 10 days from when they send the email they have an obligation that they must get all monies back from us the sellers and return it to the credit card used. Basically they have said that we have lost our computer and our money because we did not post our item so it could be tracked. Although we have the recipt number, anyone could have came to the door and handed us that. We cancelled the direct debits to paypal. They have took 90 from us already and they tried to take the rest today by trying to authorise a direct debit with my banks. But the banks disputed it. We cant close our paypal account and we cant remove the bank accounts totally from the paypal account because we are in a negative balance. We have contacted the police but realistically 189 is nothing to them. Can Paypal arrest our banks and take the money out of our accounts unlawfully? That money was for my kids christmas and they simply dont care. Basically the guy has got away with our computer and his money back all because he didnt confirm the credit card when asked. Paypal dont even contact police. We are totally on our own. I dont know how many times, Ive phoned them and emailed them and never once got a proper answer. Dont use paypal! They are con merchants as it is!!!!

Chris Rushe

Your all absolutely right - It sucks that Paypal can take money out of your account without seeking permission and that they don't do enough to protect their users from scams and fraudsters. If you have a merchant account and accept card payments you are also at the same risk of chargebacks - leaving you without your money or the goods that you posted.

We were fed up of getting burned with chargebacks and lost goods and decided to do something about it, so we set up a new payment company called UTruePay.com – (At the minute it is only available to sellers who are companies)

This is the most secure way to accept (or make) payments for deliverable goods and removes the risk of accepting Paypal or credit cards. As a supplier you are 100% protected, for free.

* We guarantee to never take money out of your account - EVER!
* There is no risk of fraud
* It is completely FREE to accept a payment

Sorry if this sounds like a sales plug, but UTruePay might just be the answer to your problems. I hope its useful for you.

Chris Rushe

Chitty BB

I purchased an item from ebay, paid for it using paypal (because I thought I was protected and arranged with the seller to have it collected by a third person. Upon inspection at home the item was found to be significantly not as described. The buyer (a total scoundrel) refused a return so I attempted to get my money back through paypal. Paypal requested info and evidence from the seller but I never got the opportunity to give my input and evidence. Paypal decided in favour of the seller stating the reason was the item was not posted and could have been inspected on collection, even though I agreed a third party collection before hand (verbally) with the seller. I have tried so many times unsuccessfully to present my case to paypal and challenge their decision. Their website says I can dispute a claim but it wont't let me. I'd have to phone their help line at even further cost to me, to try and challenge them. Every response from them is automated and frankly useless. I have not given up but for now I've closed my paypal account in disgust. They state the user agreement but I cannot find anything that supports their decision. Thought I'd share this with other disgruntled paypal customers.
My lesson learnt : It's not safer paying by paypal, so don't be fooled into thinking paypal will protect you, even if you think you've read the small print!


YEP! I'm another horror story. I do PERFECT business on the well known auction site and have 75 w/100% PERFECT feedback and extremely happy customers,(was even told by one person that I was the best seller he had ever dealt with on the site).
To try and make a long story as short as possible...Ebay owns paypal so no more sending us checks or money orders. Instead force the buyers and sellers to use Paypal. WELL, Paypal decided to place my PERFECT account in a "payment hold" status. HA HA HA, while qualifying for the "TOP CUSTOMER PERKS" at the same time they start holding my funds for up to 20 days. These funds are needed to reorder products to have available for sale, so I DON"T break the rules and sell products that are not in hand...THESE IDIOTS. So, I call them and ask them why...after they "REVIEWED" my account it seems I am a high risk seller now( this I think, but they won't confirm, is because I sold my daughters ipod that was in perfect shape and I was highly recommended by the customers feedback upon prompt delivery. ALL PAYPAL WANT TO DO IS KEEP THE GOOD SELLERS HIGH VOLUME CASH FLOW LOCKED UP IN THEIR ACCOUNT TO COLLECT INTEREST! This in turn will put ME out of business and then they will collect nothing! HOW BRIGHT IS THAT...REALLY? They are perpetuating their own downfall, and I hope it happens soon. Goodbye Paypal, you morons...think about it!

Kevin McLeod

I 100% agree with all the comments here. Paypal is pure s***.
What we should all be doing as a world, is getting a few people to work inside the abomination that is Paypal, and act as sleepers. Then at a given moment, and all co-ordinated, these sleepers drip a few drops of Silver Nitrate solution into Paypal's server computers, and bring their entire superstructure crashing down.
The market would not wait for Paypal to get back into business. An alternative would step into the void quickly while Paypal repaired the damage, but it would be too late. Paypal would go bust.
End of. Job done.


WHY o Why are Users Not asking for Alternative PSP's(Payment service Providers) eBay is operating a Protecism Scheme, that is against Competition Laws,PayPal has a 100% Dominance as a PSP on eBay,can charge whatever fees it likes,can treat its Users with Contempt,What can we Do?Lets get other PSP's on eBay for more Competition.


Looks like this website PayPalSucks.com endorses www.free-merchant.com which does not look legit.

btw they also own nopaypal.com paypalsucks.org paypalpetition.com nochexsucks.org :-D

All is see is a vested interest in paypal bashing.

Peter Bengtsson

That's very insightful Matt. Thanks for spotting.


I have had a Paypal account for more than five years.
Apart from a couple of untimely requests for more information ( they should do all their verification in the beginnimg rather than wait for you to get some cash in the account then freeze it) I find it the most convenient way to pay and be paid. I have over 2,000 purchases and sales on FeeBay and on the few occasions where there has been a dispute, Paypal have refunded me very quickly. Great service.

Can only speak as I find.


Peter Bengtsson

Thank you! That's really valuable feedback.


Hi Regards Verification and the AML(anti-money Laundering) I refer to the EU Regulation 2005/60/EC Article 8. 1.Customer due diligence measures shall compose.(a) Identifying the customer and verifying the customers identity on the basis of documents,data or information obtained from reliable and independant source. 9 (5) Member States shall require that,where the institution or person concerned is unable to comply with points (a),(b) and (c) of Article 8(1),it may NOT carry out a transaction through a bank account,establish a business relationship or carry out the transaction,I would then go onto the latest E-Monet Directive(2009/110/EC) which came into force in the UK on the 9th February 2011 and across the EU 30 April 2011. Article 11. Issuance and redeemabilty.2.Member States shall ENSURE that,upon request by the electronic money holder,electronic money issuers redeem,at ANY moment and at par value,the monetary value of the electronic money held..
3. The contract between the electronic money issuer and the electronic money holder shall Clearly and Prominently STATE the conditions of redeemption,including any fees relating thereto,and the electronic money holder shall be informed of those conditions BEFORE being bound by Any contract or offer. So Why is PayPal Allowed to Ignore those Regulations? some for years?


you know why paypal suck because the people who are scmamming you are sending you fake information.


Paypal is arrogant, ignorant and bad-tempered. It shows itself as king or queen in old days - that is, they decide whatever they want to do with you, without having to explain why or be fair. Go to hell, paypal.


If I did not use ebay I would not use paypal due to problems in the past.
Once had a case where my item was not as described, sent it back "with" a posting number and paypal judged in favour of the fraudulent seller! I emailed them only to receive numerous automatated emails or messages from non english speaking people that clearly had not read or understood my messages. Spent a fortune calling them on an international number and eventually gave up.
Recently they ruled in favour of a seller asking me to send back a package I received with items missing but as I had to use some of them, instead of getting a partial refund I got nothing!
The claims agent on the phone after being on hold forever was very awkward and passive agressive.
Will not use again unless for ebay as have no option there.

Delphina Boudreaux

Pay-pal sucks, ya they do, I just got off the phone with them again, they are holding my money again I sold three things last night and again I will have to use my own money for shipping, I yelled at the lady at pay-pal and told her I have never had charge, backs or any problem I ship the moment pay-pal receives payment, and guess what.. I have to pay for f-ing shipping out of my own pocket, WHEN THE CUSTOMER HAS PAID FOR SHIPPING HELLO HOW IS THIS LEGAL, AND PAYPAL TELLS ME OH YOUR ACCT. IS UP FOR REVIEW NEXT WEEK AGAIN, I JUST WILL STOP SELLING ON EBAY HOW ARE THEY STILL STAYING IN BUSINESS, OH I KNOW HOW, THEY ARE MAKING MONEY ON 1000000 OF THERE SELLERS MONEY HOW IS THIS LEAGAL!


PAYPAL is the worst to deal with. All employees there have to be a retard or brain dead. There is so many complaints against Paypal its a wonder they still exist...To all new Paypal users or want to become users...DONT GET AN ACCOUNT WITH PAYPAL...you will get burnt. Go see the site PAYPALSUCKS.COM....amazing how the government can let a company like this operate. They basically have a licence to steal and do whatever they want to do with the rules changing in every case....... PAYPAL = LOSERS

Mike Jackson

I have been on E-Bay and Pay Pal for 10 years. I am also a power seller with 6478 GREAT FEEDBACK at 100%. Pay Pal just did something to me that was totally uncalled for.I sold a Commercial Stainless Steel Freezer that is 6 1/2 feet wide at almost 700 pounds. We are a Commercial Licensed Company. We check out every thing before it is sent, and this freezer ran at our shop for a week keeping a -15 degree temperature. It was sent from or location in Texas to California.This buyer put it in his candy shop. A month and a half later he called and said it was not working. I said it was working great at our place and something is wrong here.He complained so much that we sent a Refrigeration tech there at our cost of $150.00.He sent me back pictures showing me what had happened. Some tubing on the refrigeration system were smashed in. I believe it got broken like that by him taking it inside.Anyway, we argued for a week about this and was ready to pay half of the bill, and he absolutely said no.He filed a claim against me with E-Bay and it was denied because he bought it at December 18th. it was now end of February. NOW HERE COMES THE TROUBLE WITH THE IGNORANT ASS PAY PAL.He filed a claim against me and it was denied. , filed another one, DENIED and the APPEAL Department told me it would never go through. Third try, Pay Pal said he could return it to me. It was sold for $2589.00. Boy was i pissed! Anyway it came to our location on a freight line truck. When they opened the door, it was severely damaged. 2 doors were completely ruined and pushed in the
 and the bottom grill had holes in it. I was going to refuse it, but i was told by Pay Pal to call them when it gets there.hey told me to accept it and to file a claim against the buyer fot the damage and i would get paid for damage. One rule with E-Bay & Pay Pal is that any return has to be in the condition that we sent it.They told me to get a estimate from a third party. We did and it was over 2800.00 dollars. It is complete junk now. The freezer was not strapped down with no pallet on it. Looked like it fell over.Buyer kept complaining and they said i had to return his money. What a bunch of ignorant asses. So i had to give the money back and i get a piece of junk that will go to scrap yard.Anyway, these these no good son of a bitches took the money out of my account. I had no money in it so it shows a negative $2365.00. Next was great. They locked my account for non payment within 2 days. For Christ sake give me time to get money in it. i had sold some things and they are getting. THESE GUYS ARE NO GOOD SNEAKY BASTARDS. I don't know what to do.10 years with them and they treat me like SHIT! NO GOOD FUCKERS. I am trying to appeal but they will not let me now. i had appealed 4 times and lost all four. But the buyer got his money in full with me getting railroaded. i will not use them ever again and i will get out of this terrible mess. Boy did i get screwed with these slime bags. THEY ARE NO GOOD, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Charleen Thompson

I think pay pal is horrible dishonest rotten God's way of punishing us for trying to take payment online their online app is horrible and doesn't work and then they blame the customer they're rude they put you on hold they put your money on hold takes 5 business days to put it into your bank and the only place they want you to spend it on eBay I will never use PayPal again nor should anyone else

casey borgers

Yep, I used Paypal for 9 years with no trouble on my site, supplementspot.com. Out of the blue, they permanently froze my account and are holding $1200 for the next 180 days for "security" reasons. I eventually was able to get a straight answer as to why. It took over a week. They gave me a list of products i could no longer sell even though I've been selling them since the beginning and you can buy on any shelf in Walmart. I dumped them.

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