Changing the size of a textarea box

18 August 2004   5 comments   Web development

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I often find that typing in text in some textarea boxes on webpages that the size of the box is too small and I wish I could expand its size like I can with a running GUI program like Notepad or XEmacs. Here is now my experimental attempt of solving that problem. I've only tried it in Firefox (Linux) and Konqueror (Linux) so far. It did not work in Konqueror :(

The obvious risk is that having controls like this will confuse newcomers; and you can't use excessive and intrusive text to explain what these controls do.

Obviously this needs to be couple with some sort of cookie feature so that the desired size is remembered; but that's not the issue here.

Have a play with it


Matt Schinckel
Well, it does work with IE 5.5 (Win).

I've tried (briefly) including this in my comment box, but I haven't yet got it to work. I'll alter it so it only expands the height of the text area, since the width increase would interfere with the site layout.

I might also try coming up with some icons that reflect a smaller/larger textbox, and place them to the right of the box.
Works wonderfully in IE6/WIN, FF1.0.6/WIN and SAFARI1.3/MACOSX. :) Kickass! Thanks!

((thieve theive thieve...))
is it possible to rezise the text box on the event onload??
I mean think that from a xml we send 100 lines of text..And when the page opens we need all of them to be visible (without the scroll bar) how can we do it??

Thank you.
It works on konqueror 3.5.4 :)
Nice script!
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