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Is peanut butter the proof that evolution doesn't happen? Hmm. Of all the stupid things conservative Christians and other fundamentalists make up, this must be near the top. Apparently, the fact that no new life is created in any jar of peanut butter means that evolution does not happen. WTF? Are you nuts?

If you're still thinking at this point: no, this is not a proof against evolution.

The question why life started in this corner of the universe is still an interesting question, but refuting evolution is naive and plain outright stupid. If you base your morals on arguments and counter arguments for and against things you will pretty sure see an overwhelming dominance of proof for evolution everywhere. The fact that this video was made is quite scary.

Stop the non-sense! Evolution is still here to stay.



Maybe not, but there are plenty of others.

The Rev

dont you see?! the peanuts are rising up against us! take arms people! arms!


yes its a stupid reason, but evolution is a stupid theory with a grand total of zero proofs or pieces of evidence.


You are an ignoramus.


yeah but do have any proof god exsists hmmm anonymous lol the rev your are so funny crush the peanuts

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