On Wednesday this week, I managed to get a link to Wish List Granted onto Hacker News. It had enough upvotes to be featured on the front page for a couple of hours. I'm very grateful for the added traffic but not quite so impressed with the ultimate conversions.

  • 4,428 unique visitors
  • 43 Wish Lists created
  • 2 Usersnap pieces of constructive feedback
  • 0 payments made

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So that's 1% conversion of people setting up a wish list. But kinda disappointing that no body ever made a payment. Actually, one friend did make a payment. But he's a colleague and a friend so not a stranger who stumbled onto it from Hacker News.

Also, it's now been 3 days since those 43 wish lists were created and still no payments. That's kinda disappointing too.

I'm starting to fear that Wish List Granted is one of those ideas that people think it's a great idea but have no interest in using.



Believe it or not, I had an extremely similar idea 3 years ago (pre-Amazon Wish List) but never executed on it. My concept didn't include the crowdsourcing angle but it did have a couple of other angles that would help get traction & monetize simultaneously.

Drop me a line if you want to kick around some ideas.

Peter Bengtsson

Well, I'm thinking of morphing it so that you can create a wish list page by simply doing a general product search. And to be able to change the name from your own name to something like "mom". This way, you can organize a wish list purchase for your mom and you share the link with your siblings and when the total amount is reached, you have to type in the address manually.

Currently, an advantage of riding the Amazon.com Wish List is that they can take care of the shipping address without me getting involved. But I think it's more fun to organize a gift to someone else other than yourself.

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