URL: http://www.news40.volvocars.co.uk/flash/default.asp

Volvo advert On the same day 32 people bought the same car in the little Swedish town of Dalarö. The advert is about the new S40 Saloon but they've made a documentary only about the "fact" that 32 people bought the same car on the same day.

The film is embedded as Flash and takes a while to load, but you can download it as Quicktime or Windows Media if you like.

Worth watching if you as an unswede, want to get some insight into how normal Swedish people look and live and how they speak English. I think this also has large portion of Swedish irony in it, because even though it's all a joke, nobody smiles or laughs; you're on your own to understand it.



this is the greatist


Just had to answer an essay on this for my media studies exam!! jesus.. how cool is tht.. so much to talk about... so little time. thanks for the download!


I have also just had to compare this for my media studies exam.
Weirdest advert ever! I swear to god!

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