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Accessible UK Train Timetable Booking and finding timetables for trains here in the UK sucks. The worst, for me, is when you don't know which London station certain destinations start from. For example, if you're going to take the train to Aberdeen, do those starts start from Victoria, Kings Cross, St Pancras, Paddington, Euston, Liverpool street or London Bridge? Sometimes you even have to know which train company to use!

Accessible UK Train Timetable seems like a great website to remedy this. You can enter a search for something like "London" to "Aberdeen" and it magically works out that Kings Cross is the London station you have to tube yourself to. They've also got this great map which I haven't fully understood yet but seems work. The URLs when you do a search become really friendly too. For example:


...when I've done a search for London to Aberdeen today. And if you want a timetable that isn't for a particular day just change the URL to this:


One last thing. Several months ago I found another website for booking trains and finding timetables. It had a blue background I think and was almost equally user-friendly. Only problem is that I can't find it again or remember what it was called. But I think I'll stick with traintimes.org.uk for now.



Jag håller med--tåg och biljetter är hemska! Menar du thetrainline.co.uk eller qjump.co.uk?

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