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DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith I just finished reading DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith to learn more about how to use the DOM (Document Object Model) to manipulate web content with JavaScript. The book teaches you how to write JavaScripts to create, change and animate content with scripts using document.createElement and stuff. The book starts with refresher on JavaScript which I must confess to reading much faster than I'm able to. However, it did explain the importance of declaring variables with var and why it matters well.

After chapter 4, you've been taught more or less everything there is to know about the DOM and the rest of the book is just big and explained exercises that iterate the importance of separating Structure (XHTML), Presentation (CSS), Behaviour (JavaScript) with examples and code from all three disciplines. By the way, don't worry when I say "exercises". You can read the book in the bath tub without having to do step-by-step exercises; Jeremy does all of that for you in the book.

In retrospect the book was probably a few thousand words "too simple" for me. I'm not an expert at DOM scripting but the XHTML, CSS and stuff was a bit basic. For example, I've already used AJAX, I didn't need to know what it is. Did that sound too cocky? Sorry, I hope you see what I mean.

If you're quite new to web standards, DOM scripting and AJAX and stuff; get this book! Or, you're an old-school web developer still using Flash, tables and popup windows; get this book!


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