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What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet

07 September 2007 5 comments   Art

What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet I finished a wonderful book about Don Van Vliet called "Captain Beefheart" by Mike Barnes and being a huge Beefheart fan this was a very interesting book. To be honest, I found out things about Don that I'm not sure I even wanted to know. I feel both sorry for and jealous of the musicians he worked with. The book is full of little mind bogging quotes by Don all worth a blog each but one that I did write down was this:

"[Don Van Vliet] told John Yau what painting was to him: 'Fulfilling the absence of space between the opposite meanings. I think that's essentially what I think. That came the other night. It cam blasting into my head. I quickly wrote it down. Yes, that's what painting is.'"

I've thought about it a bit too now and although I don't have to agree or disagree I think it's a very good answer.

Time in the Stone - Emily Young exhibition

21 May 2007 0 comments   Art

Time in the Stone - Emily Young exhibition Last week I went to the Time in the Stone exhibition near Euston station (London) so see some amazing "stone art". My friend Sid Dawe is one of the artists who help Emily carve these big and beautiful stones. I know very little about stone but these aren't the regular kind of rocks, they're (to a layman) some sort of marble.

The exhibition is open for several more weeks and is very accessible since half the art is exhibited outside in the courtyard outside a church and the remaining other half is under the church.

Here's a picture of the glowing disc I took. This leaflet gives you all the info you need.