My Ubuntu Linux on my work laptop works great but since I've strayed far away from the default options (own kernel, own window manager etc) some things sometimes don't work as expected. Such as Flash9. The problem I had was that there some some package in there that was broken for some reason:

Here's what I did:

# cd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
# rm
# wget\
# aunpack FP9_plugin_beta_101806.tar.gz
# mv flash-player-plugin- .
# chmod +x

Start firefox and enter about:plugins and this is what you should see

That worked for me. Hopefully this will help somebody. The help I got from this page which might also help people with a broken Java in Firefox but they don't say that you should delete the driver.


There's a slightly more recent beta now. The November 2006 beta


Now there's a final release on



Your difficulties with Flash have nothing to do with custom kernel or window manager, that's how bad it is for everyone on Linux.

My upgrade was probably more painful. I had a version 7 player lingering around in local plugin dir as well:

As well as a .xpt file:

Then ~/.mozilla/pluginreg.dat had to be removed (gets regenerated on browser restart) to wipe out any trace of Flash 7. At this point Flash 9 would work on Mozilla.

Firefox's file is at:

But removing it and having it regenerated didn't help like in case of plain Mozilla. I tried a couple of things to change on my profile (because I quickly figured out new Firefox profiles could use Flash 9 at that point, too), but to no avail.

An export of bookmarks, a copy of passwords and a wipeout of my years old firefox profile later, I'm back on track with latest Flash in my new default profile.

This is how I moved the passwords. Of course re-typing everything in my address bar now is a pain, but at least it's doable.. lots of the passwords I have no recollection of anymore, that would be impossible.

All in all, over an hour spent upgrading to Flash 9. Thank you, Adobe, for making it so straightforward!

Peter Bengtsson

Well, hopefully your comment will help some poor google searcher some day.

I should add that my Flash playing seems a bit dodgy still. I can only seem to listen to one song at a time.

Kai Hendry

For most people, in order to get Flash9 quickly running on Edgy, install the Fiesty package.


I had flash player 9 and flash player 10 in firefox. Flash player 9 would only play the last few seconds of a clip and flash player 10 would not even show up. I located and did "sudo rm" on it and it was removed after prompting me for my password. After that I could no longer see flash player 9 in my fire fox add ons and flash player 10 worked fine.

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