This just arrived in my inbox:

From: Carmen <>
Subject: metting you

Hi there lovely,
This kind of oppcortunity comes ones in a life. I don't want
to miss it. Do you? I am coming to your palace in few days
and I though may be we can meet each other. If you don't mind
I ccan send you my picture. I am a girl.
You can correspond with me using my email

If that's just plain spam, how does the spammer intend to benefit from this? They're not going to sell any porn or dodgy medicine on an email address are they?

If the evil spammer intends to catch horny idiots who reply and so keep a list of people interested, aren't there easier ways than having to do it this way?

Or is this just a weird girl who tries to make contact. If so, I'm afraid that I don't live in a palace. I live in a flatshare in Shoreditch.


Ian Bicking

I replied to one of these emails once. Got a reply back, as though from some Russian girl who was coming to the US. I didn't follow up after that, but maybe it's meant to draw you into some marriage site?


Definitely spam (got it recently). Perhaps it's a variant of the Nigerian scam?

Rev DA 'Tweak' Nichols

Dude, she turned up looking for you today. Apparently 'palace' in Russian means flatshare; how very egalitarian.


Well, there's a coincidence! I was sent an email from a "lonely" girl from Russia, she had a cousin in England! She continued to write, and almost proposed marriage, (maybe she will soon!), anyway beware, do not give out personal details, phone numbers, address. I am sur this is a scam.

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