Printer usability problem I booked an appointment for a computer repair today and there was a reference number and summary that I was told to print two copies of. One to go with the computer and one to keep myself as a reference. The page was one page long. So, in Firefox I clicked to print two copies. Our printer here at work is one of those that prints on both pages and that's where the problem lies. It printed the two copies one of each side. So only one piece of physical paper. Totally stupid.

I don't know what or who to blame for this. Is it my Firefox? My Dell printer? My Linux printer drivers? Surely there was a chance for someone working on this some time ago who chose not to think for a moment.


Ben Mason

Your printer will be setup to use duplex as default. So if you have to tell it in your print settings box to print one sided. If you don't have that option then the fun begins...

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