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Here are some photos I've forgotten to upload. They're all from the Fujian White Crane competition in Hastings in April this year.



I do have a comment. Why do martial artists spend so much time learning techniques, kicks, sweeps, pushes, pulls, bumps, pokes, thrusts, chops...ect and when it comes time to fight try to box? Box very badly I usually.....sparring and competions do very little for a practitioner and promote very bad habbits. If you are going to box, then take boxing! I have three black belts, 2 in stiking arts(all worthless by the way) I was always disturbed that when it came time to spar that all we could do was punch and a few basic kicks. You dont need to train in martial arts to do that. Find a teacher who knows the difference between fighting and trying to win trophies. Let me tell you, when I met my sifu that I currently train with, one of the first things he told me was that sparring training is for children and does nothing but promote bad habbits. He was right.


My simple 2 cents is that sparring is so damn fun! Also a great opportunity to meet new friends. Competition events are usually (at least in our clubs) very friendly.
The rules we use are the standardised san'da rules which gives too much credit to rugby tackles and lifts. Tough!

Sparring also prepares your nerves for a real fight.

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