Almost premature optimization

02 January 2015   0 comments   Python, Web development, Django

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In airmozilla the tests almost all derive from one base class whose tearDown deletes the automatically generated settings.MEDIA_ROOT directory and everything in it.

Then there's some code that makes sure a certain thing from the fixtures has a picture uploaded to it.

That means it has do that shutil.rmtree(directory) and that shutil.copy(src, dst) on almost every single test. Some might also not need or depend on it but it's conveninent to put it here.

Anyway, I thought this is all a bit excessive and I could probably optimize that by defining a custom test runner that is first responsible for creating a clean settings.MEDIA_ROOT with the necessary file in it and secondly, when the test suite ends, it deletes the directory.

But before I write that, let's measure how many gazillion milliseconds this is chewing up.

Basically, the tearDown was called 361 times and the _upload_media 281 times. In total, this adds to a whopping total of 0.21 seconds! (of the total of 69.133 seconds it takes to run the whole thing).

I think I'll cancel that optimization idea. Doing some light shutil operations are dirt cheap.


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