URL: http://www.yoyoguy.com/

This month I present to you: Infinite Illusions Catalog. And shopping site where you can buy yo-yos and juggling equipment.

Let me start complaining, let me know if you can find any more that I forget to mention:

  • Welcome page; gives few clues as to what the site is about.
  • Frames; impossible to copy the URL of a particular page.
  • No Home link; logo at top is not clickable. If you've clicked Juggling equipment, how do you get to Yo-Yos and Tops?
  • Useless feature; What's the f**ing point with the Expand-, Collapse-menu link?
  • Messy; Loads of different design elements.
  • URLs; Individual items don't have a URL of their own.
  • Help manual; (opens in a new window) does it have to be hard to shop.

The only good thing about the site is that it loads very fast. My guess is that they update every single page statically with MS Frontpage.


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I think this is the best site in the world to buy yo-yo's. It's the only place I buy yo-yo's from. I think you are carzy for saying that it is the ugliest site of the month.


Then there can't be many sites to buy yo-yo's from.


There's www.yoyonation.com - that site is great...


there are plenty of sites....and tbh i dont really care about the look of the site :) its a great place to buy yo-yo's from...


www.yoyonation.com Owns all yoyo stores now ^_^


www.yoyoplayers.com is the pwn


Actually www.theyostore.com owns all. I mean the forum to that site is the most user friendly, and their customer service is the best. Oh and atleast their stuff is in stock. =)


The design and layout also really beat all the others.. </sarcasm>
Also, a biased forum with uber censoring (for anything that mentions other stores, or even close. Kind of paranoid imho..). Even linking to other "Non store-sponsored Forums" is prohibited on there..


Yeah but mike is a tax dodging ******


Don't be a tool...

A) this is an extremely old review.


2) Your comment has nothing to do with it.

Grow up...infantile schlep.


www.TheYo.com gives away more free yoyo's than anyone!


www.doodadsweb.com owns
got extra stuff I didn't even order

John Adams


YoYoNation is the worst site around. It just sucks.


u suck dicks peter


I wish that yoyoguy.com added a way to check the status of orders :-(

Their prices and selection are very good but I ordered a phoenix diabolo and a pair of handsticks from them two days ago and I haven't been given a tracking number or anything.

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