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Albert Einstein figurine head

12 April 2007 0 comments   Family

Albert Einstein figurine head My mum just added a few new figurne heads to here collection on Thuas Trägubbar.

Most of you should be able to recognize Albert Einstein

The other two I think you need to be Swedish to recognize: Tage Danielsson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Thuas Trägubbar

04 January 2007 1 comment   Family

Thuas Trägubbar My sister, my mom and I just launched a new website for my mom and her wood carving hobby. It's called Thuas Trägubbar (which literally translates to "Thua's wood figurines". The site it unfortunately only in Swedish but hopefully people will appreciate the pictures anyway. Most of the faces done are of course only local or national celebrities but there are some international ones too.

There's even one of me.


It's now

Happy Birthday Malin!

16 November 2003 1 comment   Family

Malin my sister Grattis storasyster!!

Today is my sister's birthday.

Please visit her webpage and her unofficial fan page about Suede

Visit her guestbook or send an email on