Finally I have a sensible editor installed on my Intel iMac. It's called Carbon XEmacs (aka. just emacs :)

All thanks to Andrew Choi. He's prepared two patches that makes this possible. The version I got was XEmacs-21.5.23 plus two additional patches from Andrew for Intel support and proper "Quit Application" connection with the OS. Thankfully nothing was difficult because everything went smoothly without any error messages anywhere. I did have to do some reading, searching and downloading. The hardest task was to find Andrews Carbon XEmacs site to just get started. If you also have an (Intel) mac os x and want to install XEmacs too, here are some notes on what I did:

  1. Download xemacs-21.5.23.tar.gz from this site
  2. Download xemacs-sumo.tar.bz2 from this site
  3. Download the matching version diff (with highest "b" number) from this site (eg. xemacs-21.5.23-carbon-b4.diff). Also download intel-mac-encoding-fix.diff and quit-application-apple-event.diff from the same repository.
  4. Unpack the downloaded files and follow the instructions from the bottom of this page Note1: You need to do all the patches before you run sh < from the carbon directory. Note: To do the patches, I found I had to use'-p1' for the carbon file and no -p for the smaller ones. You might need to cd into the correct directory.
  5. When it's been installed, it's created a file called Copy this manually to your Applications folder.
  6. The last thing to do is to install all the necessary packages such as python highlighting. Unpack the file xemacs-sumo.tar.bz2 into /Applications/
  7. Enjoy!


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