URL: http://www.99kronor.com/

Swedish 99Kronor.com decides to ignore the power of HTML completely. Their website is just one huge image with an image-map for the links. That one image is heavy to download and takes 15 seconds to download on a 56K modem according to Web Page Speed Report. This is considerable more than a few of their competitors I looked at as well.

The biggest problem is on the other hand that the pages are completely in accessible on basic browsers like mobile phone or PDAs. Blind or visually impaired people might as well give up on it. Not to mention the hassle in the future when they want to redesign things or change the content.



hmm, you are complaining about 99kronor.com's "one huge image with an image-map for the links".
Look who's talking now. Come on, your site also loads very slow. Klicking at your links makes the browser to load the page again.
I belive 99kronor's gole is to serve their customers first, with great features, instead of a "flashy" website.


My page loads slow because I have chosen to use many images to enrich the experience. Besides, this server is running on a home broadband connection 256Kbits/sec on an low-RAM Celeron 700 laptop!

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