Gmail I was invited by my friend David Otton and I've just had a quick look at it and the little I've seen looks very promising. The big question mark for me is: POP! I've already got a POP account that I use for all my other email and I want to keep using it. How do I read my POP3 email in Gmail? Would be great if I can set it up to have one copy of an unread email in Gmail and one in my POP3 account.

Before I've been using @pen Webmail which was pretty good because when I went to it it fetch my unread mail (once) and left them on the server. Then when I come home to my home PC I get the those emails again but this time they're deleted from the POP3 server. So the webmail becomes an extra copy.

I know there are solutions (read hacks) to make your Gmail look like a POP3 account but that's not what I want. When will they support reading from POP3 accounts (and IMAP too maybe) but only when I tell it to and without deleting them from the server. If there is no such tool, I can write my own little thing that downloads my POP3 email on demand and forwards it to my Gmail account by somehow changing the Reply-To header. This shouldn't be too hard but I'm hoping Google will that for me.


I don't send invites anymore. Check with this site instead or this one maybe

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