URL: https://github.com/peterbe/premailer/commit/4535dd6ce39c09a7bd3b39190cab6fea9882c16b

I just pushed out a new release of premailer which comes with a pretty big change.

What it means is that the way the base_url and any href= or src= gets combined. For example, you used to be able to set Premailer(html, base_url='http://example.com/subfolder') and combined with <img src="/images/foo.png"> it would become <img src="http://example.com/subfolder/images/foo.png">.

Not any more. The joining works exactly like the Python built-in urljoin() works. E.g.

>>> from urllib.parse import urljoin  # python 3
>>> urljoin('https://example.com', '/image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder', '/image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder/', '/image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder/', '//image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder/', '//mycdn.com/image.png')
>>> urljoin('http://example.com/subfolder/', '//mycdn.com/image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder', 'image.png')
>>> urljoin('https://example.com/subfolder/', 'image.png')

So basically, if you think you tried to do something odd with your base_url check it over carefully when you upgrade to version 2.9.0.

Thank you @ewjoachim and @graingert for your help!


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