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12 July 2003   1 comment   Kung Fu

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A couple of weeks ago I graded my third pattern of Fujian White Crane Kung Fu. That pattern is called SHI ZI (The Cross).

So today the grading results came out and I find to my great happiness that I passed it. This means that I can now start learning the fourth pattern (...surprisingly :) which is called SHI SAN TAI BAO (Thirteen Wonders). Interesting!

This does not mean that I get a different sash like they do in Japanese martial arts. No, you get a sash when you've passed your first grading and then you keep that until you become a master and get the black sash. However, if you're an instructor you wear a blue sash.


Rachel Jay
Indeed SHI SAN TAI BAO(Thirteen Wonders) sounds very interesting.

Hope it goes well
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