I think there's a lot of potential in screencasting. As far as I've understood, screencasting is when you make a movie recoding in some manner of what happens on the computer screen. To test this I downloaded Camtasia Studio 3 and as a demo I created a new Issue Tracker instance on www.issuetrackerproduct.com. The next time I do this I'll make sure I plan what I want to do instead of just making it up after I've started. On this windows computer that I tried this it lagged so incredibly much that it was to move the mouse because it didn't move smoothly. Perhaps there are some further options to free up some resources to make it run better.

If you want to see the result (as a Flash movie) follow this link (1.2Mb)

When you produce the screencast there are loads of different export options which is pretty cool. Although I don't care much for Windows Media or Quicktime because it doesn't work on Linux.

This is actually quite exciting because I can create screencasts of all the How Tos on www.issuetrackerproduct.com if possible. This Camtasia cost some $300 but I test it some more and it continues to impress I'm more than happy to pay that.


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