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Mind That Age!

This blog post is 12 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

Powered by Fusion× In the process of buying a new mobile phone? And possibly extra curious on the phone's camera capabilities? Then check out I just discovered it today. It's got really lengthy, detailed and comparative reviews not only in specs but with plenty of pictures and the authors "personal impressions" too.

Sadly no review of my phone, the Treo 650 but from this page I count about 75 reviews just of various Nokia phones.

Nice websites like this are hard to find. Keep up the good work [Russian] guys!


Yeah. It is a good site. Alos found some useful information on all cell phones, accessories, plan and ringtones at
soory. Wrong url in my previous message. The correct one is
search my mobile phone with IMEI no.
my IMEI no. is 351946030163348 and my handset model nomber is Nokia 2600 classic.
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