URL: http://www.mezzoblue.com/tests/revised-image-replacement/

If you ever need to use the "Image Replacement Technique" in CSS which is what you do when you want to have a perfectly valid document with a title but to style the title with an image. This is very common on web standardised pages like any of the css Zen Garden pages

This summorised tutorial by Dave Shea is one of the best ones I've seen in a long time. As a layman it's difficult to know which one of the many methods I should use. Like many other techniques I rarely remember which one is better than the other. Usually my only guide is to look at the date of the article and assume that the newer the better. (than and other credentials such as who wrote it)

I wish there were more tutorials/guides like this one; not just in CSS techniques but also in programming like Python.

The one I used in the end was the Dwyer Method on my girlfriends Bella Voce website. I liked that one the best because it worked and it had the setting of the background-image in the same selector as the specifc height and width.


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