I wanted to install a command line tool called gg. But for some reason, gg was already tied to an alias. No problem, I'll just delete that alias. I looked in ~/.bash_profile and I looked in ~/.zshrc and it wasn't there!

But here's how I managed to figure out where it came from:

which gg
gg: aliased to git gui citool

Then I copied the git gui citool part of that output and ran:

▶ rg --hidden 'git gui citool'
104:alias gg='git gui citool'
105:alias gga='git gui citool --amend'

A ha! So it was .oh-my-zsh/plugins/git/git.plugin.zsh that was the culprit. Totally forgot about the plugin. It's full of other useful aliases so I just commented out the one(s) I knew I don't need any more.

By the way rg, aka. ripgrep is probably one of the best tools I have. I use it so often that it's attached to my belt rather than in my toolbox.


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