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08 November 2005   1 comment   Misc. links

Mind That Age!

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Active Reactor watches This is definitely unique and you can guarantee that if you have one of these you'll get so much close-range attention and comments like "you're weird". It'll also be a guaranteed ice breaker conversation topic. Or like they say on their website:

"Stranger than your mother-in-law, the all new Radio Active watch just hit the stores in Japan, featuring an all new unique way to display the time. Looks hard at first but trust me after about one day, you can tell the time almost as fast as a regular watch. Guaranteed that everyone who sees it will ask you about it."

It's only ¥11900 ($100 US dollars or £60 British pounds) and my watch is starting to fall apart. Perhaps this is what I should get next!

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I just orderd one of dose...
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