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Now I have finished and submitted my dissertation. A great relief. The journey through it has been really interesting and I'm very please with it.

The title is: Building a web application for an on-line mathematics journal and the abstract reads:

"This project is about how to build an on-line journal for mathematics. This was done using the web application platform Zope and the programming language Python. It is now possible for people to register as members on the site and upload papers and write descriptive text for these papers that can be used in various abstraction methods. The report describes what technology techniques were used to accomplish this and the object structure that was applied. We will conclude by listing the shortcomings of the delivered web application and aspects that can be improved and some suggestions to possible solutions to this."

Feel free to download it. Any feedback is welcomed. The target audience kept in mind when writing this is fellow university students. It's probably too basic for a Zope developer or any senior web programmer, but you'll need some web development knowledge.

I recommend it to people who want to learn more about web application development and novice Zope developers. The report is 24 pages long and 700Kb to download.

Read more about the actual application that was developed here



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We produce an on-line journal in French called Revue d'anthropologie des connaissances, a multidisciplinary journal on knowledge. I would like to know if we can use the system you have designed.
Rigas Arvanitis
Editor in Chief

Site of the scientific society that produces the journal: http://www.ird.fr/socanco/
Site of the journal http://www.cairn.info/revue.php?ID_REVUE=RAC

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