URL: https://www.peterbe.com/plog/add-hrefs-III/addhrefs-0.7.tgz

I've now made some improvements to my little addhrefs script. If you don't know what this is, read Add links to a text (take II) and Add links to a text with URLs which explains what this does.

The latest changes are that you can now pass your own function for turning an email or a URL into a link. For example:

>>> from addhrefs import addhrefs
>>> def emailify(e):return '<a href="/sendemail?to=%s">%s</a>'%(e,e)
>>> print addhrefs("Hello foo@bar.com", emaillinkfunction=emailify)
Hello <a href="sendemail?to=foo@bar.com">foo@bar.com</a>

You can also do the same with URLs by filling the urllinkfunction parameter.

Download: addhrefs-0.6.tgz

UPDATE Bug fixed version: addhrefs-0.7.tgz


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