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the-toast.net on WebPageTest
The number one rule in the general best practice of web performance is "Minimize HTTP Requests".

Yeah, it's more important than anything else.

So, I took the biggest offender from the collected sites Number of Domains and ran it through WebPageTest. The result is almost comical.

That's amazing! I'm not even sure I could achieve that even if I tried. It's almost like those sickeningly infested Internet Explorer toolbars that are often a joke.

Some numbers to blow your mind (on a DSL connection from San Jose, CA, USA)...

  • Time to fully loaded: 85 seconds
  • Bytes in: 9,851 KB
  • Total requests: 1,390 (!!)
  • SpeedIndex: 10028 (my own site's 950)

What's mindblowing about how bad this site is that even on the repeated view, where a browser cache is supposed to help a lot, is that it takes 30.6 seconds and still makes 347 requests. Just wow!


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