URL: http://www.doughellmann.com/projects/CommandLineApp/

I just read the feature article "Command line programs are classes, too!" by Doug Hellmann in the January 2008 issue of Python Magazine about his program CommandLineApp and I've tried it out on one of my old Python programs where I do the opt parsing manually with getopt. The results are beautiful and quick. It's sprinkled with Doug specific magic but I quickly got over that when I saw out easy it was to work with. There are still a few questions of things I didn't manage to work out but that will unfortunately have to wait.

If anything, the worst thing about this library is that it's not part of the standard library so either you have to tell people to sudo easy_install CommandLineApp in the instructions or include it yourself in your packages if you prefer to ship things with a kitchen sink included.

If you want to check it out in action, either subscribe to the magazine (and support the effort) or just download csvcat


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