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Anti-McCain propaganda videos

August 12, 2008
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This is propaganda against senator John McCain and a lot of the snippets of what he says is out of context making it borderline unfair. I'm not American and I can't vote in this 2008 election but if I could I would certainly not vote for McBush.

There are a lot of Youtube videos making fun of McCains incompetency, lies and gaffs. Some are just plain funny and some are quite refreshing but we have to, bear in mind that this is nothing but propaganda and should we really endorse this kind of stuff? Well, I'm genuinely afraid that if America continues to let corporations rule the world and allow politicians use their might to kill people and the planet then maybe a little propaganda to get the message out might be OK. Or, is the reason we support progressive candidates like Ron Paul and Barak Obama that we reject lies and propaganda.

The question is, with this much at stake should we play by the rules?

If Americans knew - An interesting insight into the Israeli Palestine conflict

February 12, 2008
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If Americans knew - An interesting insight into the Israeli Palestine conflict I'm not a political editor and I can't confirm the validity of these statistics but if they're at least close to true it's a hell of a scary picture of the injustice in the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

Israel receives $6.8 million per day in aid. I doubt that all of that money goes towards building better schools for Israeli families.


I found this comic script and even if it's context implies another place I think the message is the same:

No more mr nice guy


More stats from

American foreign policy

May 25, 2007
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There's a really interesting blog article on Think Moderate worth a read. Clearly some moron commented on it which caused the author to append this update to it:

I am NOT saying that murdering innocent American citizens is justifiable, as some commentors have suggested. I am also fully aware that many of our foreign enemies disagree with our lifestyle as well as our foreign policy, but as one commentor has said: "which one do you think motivated twenty people to come half-way across the world and kill themselves just to strike a blow against America? The fact that you're directly responsible for their countries being shit-holes and the deaths of friends, family-members and groups they identify with, or the fact that our women wear revealing tops?"

Read the whole article for a refreshing yet brute article on american political introspection.

On the subject of bombing civilians as a counter action to the injustice the die hard arabs feel; I think it's the wrong action to take. They should have their revenge in some other way that doesn't cause further death and despair. However, "we" (by that I generalise us as being all europeans) don't hate your freedom either dear US. But we do hate your foreign policy. Europeans are fortunately treated well by the americans and our neighbouring enemies don't get $illions of dollars in montary aid. If you did, perhaps we'd become "freedom haters" too.

What does $456 billion buy?

May 7, 2007
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What does $456 billion buy? "Including the $124.2 billion bill, the total cost of the Iraq war may reach $456 billion in September, according to the National Priorities Project, an organization that tracks public spending.

The amount got us wondering: What would $456 billion buy?"

This is an amazing slideshow article made by about what the Americans could have done instead of spending $456 billion on the Iraq war. Granted, the republicans objective was to go in an exploit the country for oil which they saw as an investment whereas investing in health and life in Africa would be too far fetched for the shortsighted morons in Washington.

Ok. Suppose George and co. would have been successful in Iraq and with that, move in a few lucrative industrial deals for oil and reconstruction. I wonder how many thousands of years it would take to get return on that investment if the input is $456 billion.

Is peanut butter the proof that evolution doesn't happen?

March 29, 2007
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Is peanut butter the proof that evolution doesn't happen? Hmm. Of all the stupid things conservative Christians and other fundamentalists make up, this must be near the top. Apparently, the fact that no new life is created in any jar of peanut butter means that evolution does not happen. WTF? Are you nuts?

If you're still thinking at this point: no, this is not a proof against evolution.

The question why life started in this corner of the universe is still an interesting question, but refuting evolution is naive and plain outright stupid. If you base your morals on arguments and counter arguments for and against things you will pretty sure see an overwhelming dominance of proof for evolution everywhere. The fact that this video was made is quite scary.

Stop the non-sense! Evolution is still here to stay.

Best clip of the year?

January 16, 2007
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Best clip of the year? This has to be one of the best clip of the year. It's funny, scary and just outright amazing.

"What currency do they have in the United Kingdom" the report asks.
"I don know. American money?" answers the Texan man.

Sure, there are a lot of people in USA and not all of them are rednecks but those that are scare me more than insurgents in the middle east.

The scariest part of this clip is towards the end when they ask people if the support president Bush on Kyrgyzstan being a threat and whether the United States should invade it.

Disclaimer: I know a lot of Americans and they're lovely people. I do understand that this clip selects only few exceptional cases but that doesn't make the clip any less fun