One hot ear

28 October 2003   1233 comments   Kung Fu

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One hot ear Yesterday Sunday I went to one of Dennis kung fu camps in St Albans. It was a beautiful day with a chilled breeze.

We practised a two-man-pattern that I've never even seen before and it was great fun.

Just as it was getting dark I was just about the only one left in the field practising my patterns. (A pattern is a combination of movements you perform on your own to remember and learn your kung fu principles.) After a few runs I notice a strange thing. One of my ears got really hot. My forehead was normal and the other ear was really cold as normal. It was just like when you're about to get a fever except it was only the ear.

Strange but interesting since I've never experienced this. And no, there is no simple geometric explaination for it. It's got to be internal; or?


I've had that happen while doing qi gong and during meditation. No explanation yet!
wow who would have thought there would be a small army of hot ear people. Here u are, and i'm one of them, my left ear, has been hot for over an hour now, and i started doing some research and found u guys, i have had hot ears in the past, but never just one, it is strange and has happened a few times, anyone finds out more info, please post it, it has been affecting my sleep slightly, thanks and hope your ears are cooling off soon, mine better be,
It's also always only the right ear. How about yours?
This is strange for me also, it is my right ear, that even turns very red, this happens at least once a week.
this happens when you do what?
I have experienced the same condition ever since I can remember, am 32 now
and had it happen today twice, which
was really weird, I always blew it off
and believed the old wives tale, that
someone is talking about me. Without
trying to sound nutty, I wonder
if it is a special gift or something,
because it doesn't itch, or anything,
all of a sudden it is just extremely hot. Kind of like if you happen to touch a hot pepper and not wash your
hands immediately. At least that is
the best way I can describe it. Oh,
and it happened around 1:00 p.m. and
I was at work, both times I was upset
at a situation that occurred.
Yes, for me it was the right ear too.

Are you a student of Fujian White Crane mr. P?
My son of about 8 years age also gets this one ear getting hot frequently . Is it an anomaly. Please do let me know
Hi Guys, I am writing to ask if you know of any QiQong classes in St Albans?

Maybe the ear thing is showing an imbalance of your left and right/ yin/yang male/female. It would explain the lack of sleep due to the imbalance.
I get red ear many times, but especially when I'm stressed or in an uncomfortable position. It's embarassing when I'm talking to someone and it starts up, but i know a lot of people that get the same thing so it's no big deal, it's just annoying. Sometimes it just happens though from touching it. Its wierd, and its always my left ear!
This started happening to me after a motorcycle accident and it also happens when I am anxious or stressed also. Actually, it's happening right now and that's how I found this site. I can't figure out what it is. I know that also now I get earaches and it sounds like the ocean in my ear - the blood rushing, of course. Not glad to hear you all have it but glad to know I'm not alone. Blood not flowing properly maybe - is the ear canal inflamed so it can't flow correctly? How do we fix it?
Meant to also say it's usually only one ear and it's my left ear.
Lisa, I don't know of any in St Albans.

Yeah it must be an imbalance but of what? Or more importantly, why?
If it had anything to with the left part (the estetic) of the brain is working excessivly hard, then why don't you get a hot left ear when you do lots of math?
I do math for a living, accounting and finance type stuff and I get hot left ear all of the time! Especially when I have been working extra hard!
I get hot left ear a lot, especially when I am working (I do math for a living as well). However, I get hot right ear when I am upset about something. Hmmm...interesting, isn't it?
I get it and asked my doctor about it; he says it is a form of migraine.
I also have this's nice to know I'm not the only one...I haven't found anything to fix the problem but as soon as I do, I'll post it....I think it's really important that we all just give tips that have helped them and maybe we'll find something that works for ourselves...I normally get the problem when I've been never happens during the day...only after going to try sleeping more and see if that helps
I have the same left ear problem also and mainly 10-15 mins after dinner sometimes with feelings of tightness in the neck and throbbing in my head weird!
Thanks for this info. I hope you're feeling better. For the past few weeks my right ear has been hot. I've also experienced heat/discomfort behind the ear. I have been very stressed and not sleeping well. I was wondering if it was a migraine. It has been difficult to find any real info on these symptoms.
I am so glad that I'm not the only person with this problem. I have found some discussions on the internet about Red Ear Syndrome which does seem to be connected with migraines (which I get) among other things. It often seems to happen when I'm feeling tired (as do the migraines) and can be either ear but not both at the same time. It's bizarre.
Hey all, i get hot ears to!!!! like sometime it can b right and sometimes it can be left, and i was always told it coz someone is talking bout U!!
And im not a very bright person so i dont use my brain alot.
I have episodes where both my ears will become burning hot and bright red. The rest of my body feels normal. I also notice that when this is happening my eyes feel tired and sensitive. I tried the tongue trick and it seemed to actually take most of the burning away. I was shocked that it helped. I have heard only that this is related to an increase in blood pressure in the head. If I only new more.....
I get this on both ears pretty much everyday. Gets worse in the hotter weather. I am getting married soon and I dont want it to happen at my wedding. Any solutions to this embarassing problem???
Try pressing your tongue up against the roof of your mouth towards the back so that the tongue almost "folds backwards". According to the chinese this will help the "energy flow" flow past instead of getting stuck around the head.

Congratualtions on your marriage.
I just tried this and my ear cooled off a great deal a minute later. Weird coincidence? Can't wait to try it again.
about 6 months ago i suddenly felt my right ear get hot and it was burning red. This now happens every few weeks with no warning, its always my right ear. Everytime it has happened is when i have had lack of sleep. The rest of my body can usually be cold. if I have a drink of alcohol especially after a night with very little sleep and when i'm run down about 5 minutes after my first drink i can feel my ear starting to burn.
I'm pretty sure that this has to do with poor circulation. The right ear would be because of the way the blood circulates round your body. When tired your body is over- exerting itself and is probably dehydrated. Increased blood pressure during this causes blood not to flow so easily.
i know someone who gets red ears that are hot when he is tired, but this is i think its nothing to worry about its just becuase hot and tired.
I think the sudden onset of one burning red hot ear is a warning sign from your body that somethings wrong. Usually my ear goes away with drinking lots of water and titling my headin the opposite direction. I also find the need to crack my neck and find that massaging the surrounding area usually makes it pass in short time.
Thats crazy stuff man, i was looking up info on burning, red ears cause thats been happening to me a lot for about a year or two now , I also get some redness on my face once in a while and my scalp also , the doctors say its a for of dermatitus ( i haven't talked to anyone about the ear thing). I usually just wait about an hour or two then it just goes away. The funny thing about this is I also study kung fu . My Jhong Law Horn and MeiHua praying mantis. though the ear stuff i think may have been happening before starting my KungFu Experience. My throat seems to get really really dry very quickly ....maybe its just all dehydration..who knows ...good luck everyone!
I don't believe the dermatitis thing because I have just recently seen the side of my face get red (and it's not dermatitis) along with my ear. My ear burns inside and out and I'm told it's not an infection. Mine never use to be that way but like a stated a few paragraphs up it was after I had an accident that it started happening.
In my asian culture i have always been taught that when one of your ear is hot... it means someone you know is talking (gossiping) about you. Its been a long time superstitious thing in our culture.
My husband gets a "hot ear" ocassionally and has had it for quite some years. My son who is 7.5 is now getting them quite frequently (almost daily). It is interesting to read about the math, and doing technical things, my husband does Design Engineering (a lot of computer, technical stuff), my son is also very intellectual, reads a lot, (uses his brain a lot). He also may not get the sleep he needs, and I have to remind him a lot to drink fluids, so the dehydration could also play a role. We thought we were the only ones with this. Very interesting reading.
I am glad that I am not the only one with the "single red ear problem." In my case it is always the left one. Tonight it happened while I was doing financial calculations (I help people with their investments for a living). I believe that it mainly happens to me when I concentrate on getting a more complex job done. I have not noticed any correlation with the amount of sleep I get.
I also get the burning of the ears. It affects the whole outer ear and the lobe.
When this accures I also get real hot at the lower part of my head...twards my neck.
I've taking notice it starts about 1/2 hour after I eat certain foods. Oils, flour,caffein,alchole, or junk food. I don't eat allot of these foods..but when I do I find this happening when and everytime I do eat them. Fried foods I think are the worst..that is why I stay away from fried food. And stick with first cold pressed oils...and stay away from oils that are not suppose to be heated and used to fry food.
I hope this helps someone.
I also forgot to mention I tried the tongue method that was mentioned above and it seemed to help. I truly believe it is an allergie of some type....but cannot figure it out. I've been watching anything that has color#5 in it...allot of foods..and granola have this in it.
Red Ear Barons
I too have the hot ear. My friend Monica and I are plagued by this phenomenon. We thought we were the only ones. We were drinking Rolling Rock and recieved the unwelcome and all too familiar hot ear. Andre Cold Duck Champagne will relieve these symptoms temporarily, but will come on twice fold in about 5 minutes. So drink water with organic sea salt and about a teaspoon of lemon and chickory root, that should do it.
Why worry? It can't damage you and surely you're not in pain when your ears are hot.
If it happens once, and never came back fine, but you don't understand the social situation with this problem. It can be compared to uncontrolled blushing or problem sweating. It can really hit at the worst time like a meeting infront of many people, etc. How can it not bother you to not look and feel normal. Not everything is about pain, maybe not physical pain, but it causes mental and emotiuon pain - you can't see ...
What bothers me is "not knowing" what it is. If I knew what it was and what was causing it and it wasn't going to cause problems later on then that's okay. But is it a "high" blood pressure problem - can it turn into a "high" blood pressure problem?
Hello. Im from croatia. That thing with red ear happens to me a lot. I went to a few doctors with that problem. Mesaured my blood preassure it was fine. I also did EKG,checked blood,hormons,...just becouse i felt unsafe. But all things i did showed me that i was fine. One doctor said that he thinks that red ears sometimes come if u think about problems too much,if ur sad,stressed and so one. This gonna sound stupid but sometimes when that happens i make myself to throw up....but people said that i deffinitelly should not do that. I noticed while i was on some weird diet with lots of fruit,some weird soup ears were fine for two weaks. So im guessing it might have something to do with food too. If someone wants to talk about it writte to me on my email.
Julie D.
I have this same problem! I went to the doctor, and she also told me it is an aura associated with migraines (which I do get). I also get a red ear when I am tired, stressed, or angry. It will always start in the left ear, and sometimes it will "travel" to the right ear. So strange!!
well, well. I also do accounting for a living, and my left ear gets hot usually in the late afternoon or evening. What a relief that I am not a loner, and can be a part of the "hot ear club"!! I just tried the tongue thing, and I can't believe it worked. Did it really work physically, or was it mind over matter?
"physically, or was it mind over matter?"
Does it matter Kari? :)
I thought it was a good question.
LOL..this is funny, but true. I really took notice it happens after eating. Maybe like 1/2 hour or even 3hrs after eating. Yes the tongue thing does work. I use it when I need it now.:-)
How weird. I get the red hot ear (always right ear only) from time to time. Just had it happen now, and thought I should google it to see what I could learn. And here on a random blog I find a troupe of fellow burning ear compatriots! God bless this here Interweb. Oh, and the tongue thing didn't work for me... :-(
Jay, did you breath from your nose while trying it? I find it works if you try to just breath with your nose while your flipping the tongue backwards on the roof of your mouth. and keep your mouth open also. I do slow breathing in and out of my nose..for about 5 to 6 minutes..or untill I feel it going away.
I started getting this a few days ago and I couldn't figure out why, I asked my father, who says that he gets them from time to time, and he doesn't know what they are. I read somewhere it has to do with stress in your neck and their friend went to a chiropractor and it never came back.
I took my 6 year old son to childrens hospital early this morning due to neck pain. I thought it was a ear ache. Turns out to be that he slept on his neck wrong.
Now, hours later his left ear is bright red and hot Very bizarre
Julie D.
I have this same problem! I went to the doctor, and she also told me it is an aura associated with migraines (which I do get). I also get a red ear when I am tired, stressed, or angry. It will always start in the left ear, and sometimes it will "travel" to the right ear. So strange!!
I have the same problem!. It happens to my red ear and it is very common when i have less sleep or having even a glass of alcohol. I went to a doctor and was asked to take blood test for cholestrol . My cholestrol levels were high and also high blood pressure. It is getting very regular and I am very curious what is causing this?
I also have the mostly left ear problem. And face. Thought it was allergies. I didn't see this mentioned but I read on a website about Thoracic Outlet syndrome..I also have high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. Sometimes I feel my muscles sort of move, like a snake up around my left clavicle. Also the alocohol brings it on fast
I too have this troubling syndrome and I was curious to know exactly what you mean by the tounge thing as well as to know if any of you smoke. Mine is in my left ear usually sometimes "travels" to the right and the face. Does this have to do with my smoking it seems to come on after I smoke.
I don't smoke. I do use snuff, but it seems not related to that. I see it most in the afternoons, under stress, and it does also travel to my face and right ear. I have no hearing in my left ear (related? from 3 years ago..cause unknown) and yet I sometimes think I hear "water dripping" . Anyone else?
While going thru a divorce years ago, I was put on an antidepressant.
It caused me to me to have some uncomfortable side effects so I was put on Clonazepam to take along with the antidepressants

After I was on the antidepressant
for about 4 months, I stopped taking it and the Clonazepam. I started having the hot ear and face problem real bad. My face would feel like it was going to explode. The Dr. put me back on Clonazepam. It helped but did not totally take care of the problem. Over the last ten year the Clonazepam has been increased until I am up to 3 MG a day. If I miss a dose, I really have trouble with the hot ear, face and scalp. The Doctors try putting me back on antidepressants and they make my condition worse.

Wine will cause the hot ear condition to start nearly every time. I had a beer tonight and it caused it to happen. I decided to do another search on internet and found this interesting information.

All the Doctors can tell me is that it is stress related. I think the antidepressant started it and now I am hung up on Clonazepam realy bad. I was able to stop cigarets but not Clonazepam.
i there, i found your mesage very interesting. i was on a very large dosage of anti-depressants for 3 years. i gained 30kg, slept a lot and lived a very wierd life full of rashes and bad moods. after a bad rash i was told by a skin specialist that i was taking way too many tablets and that this dosage was not healthy. out of my anger i decided to stop these talets and so i stopped on that day which was not the best thing to do cause i later learnt that your supposed to gradully stop taking them. i went through a really rough stage for the next three months and i started to get really depressd again. i mean severe stuff here. after a year i started experiencing a lot of things to my body. i started thinking a lot clearer and stuff and thought i was getting my life back but my body was casung me problems. i lost a lot of weight and started experiencing hot flushes that got really annoying. my ears would go hot and spread to my cheeks. im still like this and its depressing. my whole body is hot for some reason and i dont know why? i think it could be cause somthing is not functiong properly. either it was from the medicine which i really regret taking in the first place. it could be from too much depression. i really dont know. im looking for answers. if you have any info please send me some. take care
Peter Bengtsson
Wow. You must have been to hell and back. I hope you're getting better.
I too suffer from the burning red ear syndrome. I am 16 years of age, currently taking trazodone for sleeping, and adderall for school (ADD.) I have been on trazodone for about a year now, and adderall for the past month.

This, what I like to call RES (Red Ear Syndrome), has been happening to me for as long as I can remember. It is nice to know that I am not the only one this happens to.

When this happens to me it is usually only in one ear. It usually occurs in my left ear but sometimes travels to my right ear as well. This is embarrassing in school when it happens but I like to joke about it by saying to a friend next to me “Hey look, my right ear is normal, but look at my left ear (and then I laugh.)” which makes them laugh and me feel a little better.

When I am at home and this happens to me, I wash my face and ears with cold water and then I put something from the freezer on my ear(s) to cool them down. It works sometimes but not always. I just read about 5 minutes ago about the tongue thing; I will try that next time it happens.

I wish there was a reason that this happens…
I have had this as well. It's my left ear. I have really been working hard for the past day or so and am tired...maybe that's it?
My right ear frequently becomes uncomfortably hot. It turns bright red and is often painful. It does not occur after something specific like lack of sleep or alcohol, but rather at random. It usually last for about half an hour and nothing i've tried has helped relieve this problem. Any suggestions?
I am 23 years old. I have been getting BOTH RED EARS since I was 9 or so.

I have monitored this problem over the years. Why? because unlike many of you getting it when you are older, I have had it for almost my whole life.

I am currently trailing treatment with the V PULSE laser which is meant to minmise the size of capillaries.

there is no pill to take to offset it, there is not much talked about in terms of treatment. I have set out on a journey to find a sucessful treament for this condition. I have had enough, you all know how bad it feels to get it, well times it by two - because both of mine go red on a daily basis.

I know what you are going through, I have read many posts by other people on other forums, but we need to start going through solutions and results for this condition. not much is known about it, and I have been the gineu pig for many tests.

I will set up a site dedicated to this problem. please email me any treatments you have gone for to try and solve this condition that we know little about still on how to fix permanently.

I would say it is nerve related and wil lsoon see a neurologist as well if the laser treatment fails.
Not sure but I'm thinking it might have to do with the ear canal being inflamed or smaller than normal and the blood not being able to flow properly. I didn't have this until after an accident. It's happening right now as I type and it's just my left ear.
New chronic read ear support website

For suffers of red ear syndrome, not much is known yet of this ocndition for treatment.
I have this same condition almost every day. Mine is usual both ears it seams to happen when I go from a cool enviroment to a warmer enviroment like a warm house or sometimes when I touch my ear it happens and sometimes for no reason I know of. My neck usual feels tight when it happens. I can feel my heart beat in my ears and sometimes in my neck. I have checked my blood pressure numerous times when it happened and its not high. It usually happens mid day or later in the day. The warmth of the sun hitting on me can also cause it. It usually lasts about two hours
Crimson Queen
I'm feeling pretty old tonight!! I never thought too much about my extremely red, left ear until a few weeks ago when my six year old grandson (only related to me by marriage) had his first attack. I sprung into action with ice in a cold wash cloth and constant signing to get his mind off it. Eventually, when not focusing on it -- it diminished. I then realized I have had the problem going on since I was a kid and I will be 49 in a couple of weeks. I've decided to start keeping a red ear journal to try to identify any triggers.
Peter Bengtsson
A log?! Great idea. That sounds really promising. Make sure you have a look at the earsred website mentioned by David in the comment above this one.
David..I think it is GREAT that you are starting this forum...for this.
I also just signed up.

Also I want to thank " PETERBE.COM " for bringing us all here..with his site.
Did you know the teeth aren't supposed to touch during the day? Simply touching them together causes the temporalis muscle branches above the ear to contract. A lot of us are clenchers during the day and night, which leads to excess tension in the temporalis muscle. Even just barely touching the teeth during work or whatever will cause temporalis tension. Perhaps relaxation of the temporalis muscles will ease blood flow away from the ear? ...check out the nti-tss bite guard page for good analysis of temporalis tension and a possible solution:
Peter Bengtsson
I think the percentage of people who suffer from red hot ears is tiny but the percentage of people whose teeth touch to be huge. I have heard of people who have to sleep with gumshields to protect their teeth from destroying each other but nothing about this causing "temporalis tension"
I have recently discovered that when your ear turns red, it will go away if you smoke a few hits of crack cocaine. Easily made from baking soda, cocaine, and a few drops of water.
Really nice, I guess the
term, "crackhead", derived from
you. Grow up and go to forum
for druggies!
David?? LOL. :- O
that was a joke right??

I think it also has to do with elastic. If any of you notice the redness going away at in the morning...right after you put your under garments on and see if it happens.
Hovverx: So that must be why I get major headaches when I excessively chew gum. Argh.

Anyway I've had a headache all day today. I overslept which sometimes contributes to them. Had dinner, took an asprin, came to check my email and noticed my left ear started to get extremely hot. So I went to look in the mirror and it was bright red. My other ear is normal. I just assume it came along with the headache.

Nice to know I'm not the only one! It's the first and only time it has ever happened to me though. The tongue thing didn't work at all, and I felt like a goofball doing it.

Maybe I'll try the cocaine thing. ;-)

I landed on this site googling around kung fu stuff as I practise myself. it's only been roughly a year but I do try to practise at least one to two hours a day and it is doing me great good. I personaly train hard in order to be healthy.

I'm 26 and spent my childhood in china which probably explains my attraction to kung fu. As the rest of my family, I have been very influenced by asian culture.

it's funny to see how each of us express this influence and how two of my bros and I have chosen kung fu whereas other members of the family chose different means.

my youngest bro and my mom for instance do some king of energetic healing, derived from asian medecine and each time I am impressed buy how fast and how well they can put an end to most health problems and get people back on their feet again.

I never had heard of this red ear problem before reading the comments posted here but i do have experienced chronical migrains during my childhood and it was really making my everyday life painful.

I finally got rid of those back in europe when i was a teenager thanks to a very good (IMHO) chinese doctor. No pills, no surgery, it was amazing... and I hardly ever had migrains since (perhaps once or twice in extreme conditions).

I don't believe this has anything to do with magic and I do believe that the asian way of handling health problems is subtile and efficient though very different from ours.

I always go to the doctor when I have to and I admire lot's of our western medecine. But the experience has led me to know that the asian way of doing can somtimes be surprising and is often a lot smoother for the human body.

I don't know if you have experienced read ears again since Peter, and I have not yet visited the earsred website, but since you seem to be opened to asian culture I thought mentioning my experience could maybe help.

Perhaps using chinese or asian methods against this problem could bring new answers. Furthermore I don't think people have anything to loose giving it a try.

good luck to all of you...
my name is Lucas. I get hot red left ear when I read alot and think alot and dont get much sleep. My ear gets really hot and really red. Then it goes away when I am done reading and thinking.
Hello, i also get red hot ears. this usally occurs when i'm nervous, have a test coming up or when i realy have to use the restroom. i think i might try the tounge thing.
I have been getting read hot ears for a couple months now...
It's highly annoying, and definitely not attractive. I usually wear my hair back so they're exposed. It doesn't help my poker face!!
I tried the tongue thing, and it didn't work. But I'll probably keep trying.
Peter Bengtsson
Try to sit down and relax when you do it. A lot of people prefer to sit on the floor rather than a chair. Give it a go.
My 8 yr old son experiences this. He is highly allergic to mulitple things, so we have always thought it was related to an unknown allergen.
I have been experiencing this annoying and embarrassing problem for probably 10 years now. I am 34 years old. I also do financial advising, and I tutor a couple of high school students in mathematics. I also teach tennis. I never get red ear while I am teaching tennis. I almost always get red ear while I am tutoring. It seems like it is directly related to the time of day for me. I do my tutoring in the evening after I teach tennis. I also get red ear if I am doing an evening appointment for my financial business. However, I almost never get it during daytime appointments. Furthermore, I seem to get it in the evening after teaching tennis even if I just go home. I get it every night. It usually lasts two hours.
I do think stress is a factor here. What I think happens is that the muscles in the upper back and neck and back of the head get very tense during the day. In the evening hours when I realize my day is winding down I think I actually begin to relax and the blood flow begins to increase. I even wonder if the increased blood flow is the body's natural mechanism to get things back in order. Perhaps it ultimately gets those muscles to relax. I do suffer from some mild but constant anxiety. I constantly feel tension in my neck and shoulders, but I also feel like a physiological hurricane is going on inside my chest cavity. It's like somebody has turned on a switch in me and it just won't go off. I have taken some things for this and I do think it helped the red ear syndrome. I believe that once it quieted my body down it took care of the red ear. I don't like taking psychological medicines, though, so I never stuck with it. One thing I took that was natural was L-5 Hydroxy Tryptophan, which I bought at The Vitamin Store. It did help me in terms of the anxiety, and I believe it helped me for the red ear too. Again, though I didn't want to have to rely on something to control my body. At any rate, I'm not sure if The Vitamin Store still sells it. I believe there was some reason they quit selling it.
One other thing that definitely helped me was getting massage therapy in the neck, head, and upper back areas. Again, this confirms to me that this is a problem caused by too much tension in the head and neck muscles.
Does anybody else feel like maybe their inability to relax is causing this to happen. A lot of people on this website have indicated they are doing mathematical type work. I wonder if people with that type of talent tend to put more stress on themselves just because of their analytical thinking. I always feel like I'm overly self-aware and self-critical, and this of course, leads to stress.
I'm 31, work with computers and find stress and inability to relax build up until it can become anxiety. When I get home I relax and my left ear takes off. Burning right now in fact. Very nice to know other people get this too. thought it might have something to do with bad circulation as mentioned in a previous post.
Hey, My 4 yr old son gets red hot ears also. It makes him so uncomforable and grumpy. I thought it was also related to an unknown allergen and I still believe it is. I stop giving him dairy for a week. Soy milk is good too :) And for days he didn't have any red ears. Until he ate some Butter. Then it happend. Red Hot Ears! But for the last to days he's only had Soy products and BOTH days red ears. So I don't know.. I thought I was onto something... But.. perhaps things in certain combinations cause the reaction!!??! I just don't know, but I don't think it happens just for fun. I think the body must be trying to tell us something! something is going on!!!

I have had this problem with my left ear off and on for 16 years and today by finding this site I found that others have had it too!! I used to think it was the last throes of menopause, sort of "hot flashes of the ear" but I am way past that. Now I know I'm not alone with this thing and it probably won't kill me.
Roy Duffenais
My 3 1/2 year old son has allergies. He also gets a red left ear. Especially after he has played a lot and is tired. He has never complained about it. I ask him if his ear is hot and he says it isn't. Though when I feel them, one is cold and the red one is hot. Very odd. This has never happened to me, but my wife has experienced one hot ear.
Hi, I just came back from the washroom, and when I looked in the mirror I was surprised how bright red my left ear was! I mean very very bright red. So I quickly came back to my computer to look up "red ear" because I thought it may be a symptom of something serious. By the way, I'm an economist, I'm at work, my eyes feel very sensitive and tired, and my teeth are held together with elastics (recovering from a broken jaw). So there must be something to all those observations!!! Thanks for the thread, it was a very interesting read.
I am overjoyed that i,m not crazy I have put up with this condition for about 2 years.It happens every night between 11pm and 1am and some nights the right ear or the left ear or both but always one or the other. It last about 1hour and does not come back till the next night.I have spoken with doctors,neuroligist,medical professors and they all looked at me like I was crazy but i,m not. There are so many of you going through the same torture I am and I truly feel for you. It is time that the medical field listens and does something about it because I can not put up with this every night for the rest of my life.good luck to all and make the people who can do something about it listen!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Bengtsson
Mark, so your ears get hot, so what? I'm not trying to argue anything against you, but I'm just curious. When I got one hot ear it was hot but there was no pain and it didn't prevent me from anything such as vision or hearing.
For years I've been looking for information on this! Our son has had these for about 7-8 yrs at least. He is 10.5 yo. Both ears. Incredibly uncomfortable. Wore ice packs on his ears all the time.

Removed corn syrup and its kin nearly two years ago, and they're nearly all gone. Rarely gets them now. Has been getting them more frequently in the past month or so vs. the past couple years. Otherwise, they've been an rareity.
P.S. His pediatrician said it was likely some sort of histamine release. Still, we don't know for certain the exact cause. Though the corn syrup thing seemingly has a connection.
I have noticed my left ear get real hot from time to time. It did so today I decided to Google "hot ear" and found this page. The only trends I have noticed for me is it occurs more often when drinking red wine or eating simple sugars such as candy. Since some people mentioned allergies, I will say yes I am allergic to a number of common allergens.

I don't see it as a socially crippling problem as they guy says on the support group web page. Just a minor annoyance.
Finally got around to doing some research on this ear thing that has recently come to affect me almost every day. I have always had head aches and migraines, and I also have TMJ. It seems anxiety and tension are also factors. Don't think it is a huge issue, and it's not a ton of suffering, but it is a relief to find out other people deal with this, and I think from now on I'll try the tongue thing, because it worked.
I cant believe how many people have searched the "red ear thing" It just started with me in the last week. It tends to be after dinner(with ion 30 minutes or so) and I almost always have a beer with dinner. I can say I havent slept much or enough lately and I hope it goes away when and of I get caught up on my sleep. Right now my right ear is on fire. I may try dinner without beer tomorrow or for a few nights to see if it changes anything.... I am leaning toward dehydration or lack of sleep(stress) because I wont let my end of the day beer be the problem. ; )
This is very interesting!! My granddaughter is currently experiencing burning red ears, sometimes one then spreading to the other. The GP can't give us an explanation, wondering whether stress and anxiety could contribute
Mine started a couple of weeks after I received a flu shot. Any correlation? Don't know. Docs don't know either. Oh well.
i got this problem after diner. im 14 years old and i dont drink so dont think thats the explanation... i also think it has something to do with stress because my week at school has been stressful (im enrolling in high school)... anyways i'll ask my doc and get back to you!!!
My grandson's ears get real red too. He also gets small blackouts usually if he's hot or gets up fast. I thought maybe it had to do with the lyme disease that he has had all his life.
I started having regular episodes about three months ago, when I started grad school—either one or both of my ears turn bright red and hot. I’d say 75% of the time it is one ear or the other, thus 25% of the time both are involved. Occasionally, maybe once a week, it happens early afternoon in class, but the majority of the time it happens between the hours of 5-9 p.m., when my concentration level is at its peak.

The above is the norm without alcohol though. When I drink now, since I started school, my ears flush within two minutes, and stay that way for a good hour or so. Sometimes my entire face turns slightly red and warms, but my ear(s) turn bright red and hot without question.

I am a 24-year-old female who smokes ½-1 pack a day. My blood pressure has been “iffy” at times (hypertension runs in the family) but for the most part it stays within range. My extremities (e.g. big toe; fingers) go numb/tingle here and there, especially if exposed to the cold, and sometimes turn red; however the red/hot ear(s) happens regardless of the temperature.

Stress? Alcohol? Obvious factors…but who can give either of them up?!?!

Great site; nice to know others deal with this pain-in-the-butt as well.
I too have had a problem with this for years, but for some reason I chalked it up to having high blood pressure (which I now have under control with weight loss and I am no longer on medication), but I still have the hot red ear problem. Mine also ususally happens in the afternoon, but usually only one ear. It's very embarrassing and quite uncomfortable. My face also turns red/pink when I drink which is also embarrassing. I too am glad I am not the only one with this problem. If anyone at all finds out what the heck is going on, please post it for us!
Kaisier has no answer. I too get a hot ear, not everyday, but pretty close. I am just sitting at work and all of a sudden my ear gets hot. It will last sometimes for 1/2 hr. I wonder if it's because of high blood pressure (which I have but am taking medicine). I sure wish someone had an answer.
Strange...isn't it?
You may be asking yourself,'what is?'
Well...Theory, Suggestion, as well as just another thought to add to the chain.
My thoughts in theory are scattered, so goes the process of brainstorming. Consideration has been taken from all comments, and so from observation we know it is not mental or having to do with overall performance. I'm thinking membranes, more specifically- meninges. The Connective tissues (more or less) gridlocks, localizing pressure from the conjunction of nerves, most likely located around the cerebellum area.
Susggestion: It may sound silly, but just give it a try... Relax, breath in and out, let go of all bias, stay opened minded. Put 1 hand across the back of your neck at the base of the skull and the other hand across your eyes, leaving them there, close your eyes, remember to breath and repeat 'i forgive' multiple times, at least more than 3(no questions, just do. Doesn't matter if you have forgiving to do or not).
Reverse hand positions, the hand that was across the eyes now across the neck, and the so forth. repeat the 'i forgive'.
Now place the palms of your hands over your eyes and repeat 'i forgive'.
An extra for jaw probs- loosely close your hands, palms facing you, fingers over eyes & thumbs along jaw line(meaty part joining @ lips), do the forgives.

This also helps with headaches.
I would also suggest Magnesium, to relax your muscles, and Mixed Vegetable Supps to get nourishment through to the capalaries. Remember to talk to a Reflexologist(also recommecond Chiropractor who is into reflexology as well as Senses)(Not recommending Medical Doctors because, most likely than not, it will be more pills, made of who knows what along with the Mold and micro-chemicals they don't tell you about, down the throat(know wonder your body doesn't like you, just kidding)).
I hope this helps. It did with me. :)
My right ear sometimes get read and hot...i always think something bad is going to happen..and usually it does...I was just looking and seeing if i was the only one this was happening 2..Whenever i tell ppl they look at my alittle
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