One hot ear Yesterday Sunday I went to one of Dennis Kung Fu camps in St Albans. It was a beautiful day with a chilled breeze.

We practised a two-man-pattern that I've never even seen before and it was great fun.

Just as it was getting dark I was just about the only one left in the field practising my patterns. (A pattern is a combination of movements you perform on your own to remember and learn your kung fu principles.) After a few runs I notice a strange thing. One of my ears got really hot. My forehead was normal and the other ear was really cold as normal. It was just like when you're about to get a fever except it was only the ear.

Strange but interesting since I've never experienced this. And no, there is no simple geometric explanation for it. It's got to be internal; or?


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We could solve it by trying to ask the biggest experts of medicine in our towns, mine don't know, but trying to figure out, so please ask and share with us, that s the only way

Dr. Felix

I put yogurt on it and it helps out a lot.. it's an old wise tale my grandmother taught me :) hope it helps!


omg this really worked haha


does it help in some permament way, or just temporary? plz answer


permenatly..its crazy i thinks its from all the probiotics in the yogurt..


I know what causes this and can tell all of you from experience - it is a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY. My magnesium deficiency was caused by caffeine intake and a calorie restricted diet as mine started acutely getting red at almost the same time everyday about 5 months ago. A little over a month ago I began to take a magnesium supplement of 500 mg a day tried to eliminate caffeine and sodium and generally unhealthy foods. After about a week or two the red ears went away as the deficiency was corrected.

It is a benign condition caused by your diet. Several different things can block magnesium from being absorbed by your system.

I too, was scared of carcinoid syndrome or relapsing polychondritis and had all the tests run. The doctors couldn't tell me what caused it but said if they didn't hurt then it was nothing to worry about. If only your ear or ears turn red and not your face and chest too then it is NOT carcinoid syndrome. Relapsing polychondritis is inflammation of your ear lasting for several days and would be painful to the touch.

Just remember, at least 500 mg of magnesium a day and a healthy diet and I assure you your ears will get better. I hope this helps some of you as it has helped me.


man if this really help me i 'll own you so much! I ll own u for the rest of my life, Just hope we had the same cause


It's possible that is the answer, i found this: When lab rats are deprived of magnesium, a wide variety of studies have noted that they develop allergy like symptoms. Their ears turn red. Maybe we found something finally :)


bout the yogurt,hmm...gonna try it soon
and thanks john...for your've done a good deed by just sharing..thanks again


Hey, I have had this problem for a long time and yes just like everyone else here my red ears usually occur at night, never in the morning !!!
I thought of many things tht could cause this and have tried many many things to overcome this as it is reall embarrasing in public when your ears are glowing red for no reason, you feel really stupid.

I saw jonathans comment above about magnesium deficiency and I really think this might be the cure ! I looked at ways to tell if you are possibly magnesium deficient and I fit a few of the points mentioned.

So I am going to buy magnesium supplements and use daily and report back any change or difference they make. I really am hoping this will cure this annoying problem.

Oh, also I found this:

It explains that lack of magnesium leads to inflammation and increased blood in the ears (this was tested in rats and mice as mentioned by ft above) so the same would apply to humans, or at least thats what my theory is.

So, hopefully after all this time we have found the reason ! Thanks to jonathan, I will post back with any info. I find !!

Good luck all, lets hope this works well


Earlier someone suggested that rolled oats (oatmeal) eaten every day helped reduce or eliminate their RES.

Then magnesium has just been noted to help.

Interestingly, rolled oats are a very good source of magnesium . . .


i can't tell u for now, maybe magnesium does really help but i must wait for colder time cuz in summer they won t go red


well was at a party last night drinking alcohol (this is usually when my ears will stay red all night) and I can say that after having magnesium supplements on the same day and eating pumpkin seeds(excellent source of magnesium) that my Red Ears problem was very minimal to what it would have otherwise been.

So it does seem to be helping, either that or its all just pure coincedence

I will report back with more info soon


well i was at a party last night drinking alcohol (usually this is when my red ear syndrome is at its worst) and since I have been eating high magnesium foods lately I noticed last night that I got very minimal red ears where as usually it would be much worse.

So i do think the magnesium is helping however I cannot be sure yet. Will report back with more info. when I get more ;)


oops, double posted lol


Yep, I got it too. Mine began about 5 yrs ago and its only gotten worse. Sometimes its so bad that I gota lay down cuz its exhausting sometimes. I am 48 and I began peri menopause whenI was in late 30s and now 10 yrs later, its worse sometimes. Heat, lights, stress,hotflashes.. It sucks, but it is what it is. I had to leave nursing clinicals because it got so bad.I cant take HRT for menopause,so i am on BP meds for the flashes and it works. Loose the caffeine! and anything with cafeine in it! drink plenty of water, and watch spicy foods and that seems to help. God Bless you, my hot ear friends!


doggone dirty demons do it


sometimes they get red, sore and hot, you would think they r on fire..but be careful me, cuz ya never know when that demon is gona bite you. LOL


well had another red ear attack tonight and the same last night and I have been on real high magnesium foods lately, so this does not (much to my dissapointment) seem to be helping :(
Why does no one know why this happens ?????
Everything has reason and cause behind it, surely this is no different ??

Im a 19 year old male who is healthy (dont smoke, drink occasionaly, exercise reguarly, drink loads of water, eat loads of nuts/seed, and other healthy foods) and yet I still get RES

We need to all start listing similarities with why this could happen

Also, this NEVER happens in daytime, only ever at NIGHT, usually after 8pm

Also much more common if in a social enviroment (possible complex ? )


I have found out what my answer is for the RES - I can only state what my experience is but it might not be yours - I have found out that sodium retention is the culprit, when i have to much sodium during the course of the day, my ears flare up. Eliminate the sodium from the diet and my ears are fine the whole day. Now with that being said, its a sodium/pottasium inbalance. Sodium and pottasium fight for their rights is our bodies, when there is an inbalance it manifests itself in physical symptoms, RES being one of those. This is my opinion. Once i decreased my sodium and increased pottassium, i have not had a problem with RES. I'm just sayin.


can u tell me what food u eat more, and what food u eliminated or reduced?


doggone dirty demons do it. You know me's right!


anyone any other ideas ?

must be food realted i think :S

food diary time


Well, like I said, try to eliminate sodium from your diet, eat more potassium - i know thats hard to do because everything has sodium in it, but generally pre-packaged, canned foods and such are automatically eliminated right off - it would be a good idea to food log that would give you an idea of whats causing it.


iain - i know its frustrating but if you are eating alot of nuts and seeds, those are loaded with sodium - do yourself a favor, lay off the sodium for a few days and see what happens - worked for me, low sodium, high pottasium = eliminated RES -- if people want to choose to ignore my suggestion well then keep living with the RES, i for one am happy i know what the problem is and i took steps to eliminate it. Take this for example, go to a chinese restaurant, order chicken chop suey and see what happens - then next time you go back order it without the MSG, see what happens.


Hi hot ear folks: My left ear gets really warm every so often. Not painful, just very warm. Rycer, thanks for your suggestion on keeping a food log. I am on meds for high BP, cholesterol, diabetes and diabetic nerve pain and a blood thinner; all under control. I'm 76 and this ear thing just started about a year ago. If I ID any suspected cause for my hot ear, I'll let you all know.


Oh, sorry. I meant to include this: my ear does not get red!

Daniella Asima

mine started last night around this same time, my mum gets it sometimes she claims its during the winter times not sure


my ears have been burning for about 5 years now... it started on a night I had a sleepover with my friend. My friend and I were fighting online with these other girls in an AIM instant messaging conversation. Afterward, my friend says to me, "is your ear burning?" I'm like, "yeah!" After that night both or just one of my ears will burn on and off. Sometimes it will be a burn so bad I could almost cry, but other times it's just a slight burn. It happens randomly thought out the day and night. I've heard of the saying, Left is for love and right is for spite, but honestly I just want it to stop. It can be very painful and I don't care who is talking about me and when.

My diet has varied over the years. I've tried low sodium, low calorie, you name it... nothing has worked.


Hello everyone. I am a 19 year old college student and have been suffering with hot ears for about 8 months. I believe I have finally identified the cause of this malady and a possible cure.

Here is my theory: Red hot ear syndrome is the ear's response to some type of low grade chronic ear infection caused by a blocked or partially blocked Eustachian tube. (The Eustachian tube is the tube that links the pharynx with the middle ear). Everyone knows that when an infection is present, the body heats up to fight it off. Now, if the infection is localized to one area of the body, it is possible for only that area of the body to heat up. If the Eustachian tube gets blocked for an extended period of time for whatever reason, it is possible for bacteria from the mucus to migrate to the middle ear causing an ear infection. This ear infection can be treated, but unless something is done about the blocked Eustachian tube, the infections will just keep coming back.

Now, for the possible cure (it worked for me). I convinced my doctor that I was indeed suffering from an ear infection, for which he prescribed oral antibiotics which I took for 10 days. During this time, I also supplemented my body's attempt to fight of the ear infections with a hot pack (not too hot!) applied to the ears 3 times a day. Finally, I took Sudafed regularly over this time period to act as a decongestant for the Eustachian tube. Its been about two weeks and I have had not a single bout of red ear syndrome. At this point, I am not sure how to keep one's Eustachian tube from filling up again, but I have talked to my doctor and apparently there are types of medications that can be used to keep ones mucous membranes from being overactive.

This is very very encouraging for me and has convinced me that I am right with my theory as I used to get hot red ear syndrome at least once or twice a day every single day. The Eustachian tube theory also explains why young children seem to get this condition alot--young children's Eustachian tubes are not as developed and are more prone to blockage. Anyway, I hope this information helps you as it helped me. If you decide to give my idea a try, please post with your results. It is only a theory after all.

Good luck


ok, anybody rich here, if so pay some best doctor u can get and find out what can help against itand share... i would do that but can't afford it... 2nd chance is alternative medicine, but i'm far from china or india...

Concerned Mom (update)

I posted to this site on December 29, 2009...this is an son recently turned 8 (July)..and hasn't had any red ear issues!!! He suffered with it since he was 2 or 3 years olds. So, there's hope for some of the little guy/girl sufferers out there...maybe some will outgrow it:)


well i ll have to dissapoint you, because res stops during the summer time....

Concerned Mom (update)

Just went there was an ounce of hope...he came home RIGHT after I posted yesterday and said, "Mom, my ear got real hot again, I hope no one saw!" Poor thing!
Guess we'll keep stocking the freezer with ice packs:(


i'm sorry about that.... but it just works that way, anyway ice packs wont solve the problem it's just temporary helping... we must destroy the root of it... did u take him to the doctors? I live in a small city, so not much help from docs.... All i ever learned till now is: 1. sleep normal, lack of sleep can cause it 2. stay hydrated 3. take magnesium (i use the one which u can buy in every store, it s like those vitamins u dispose in water... 4. avoid thinking about it (if it is possible) 5. try not to go from too cold to hot room directly... anyway for now... magnesium+water+sleep... hope everyone will find out something so we can solve this together


"Red Ear Syndrome"

I think the cause on why it develops is around a lack of sleep, extreme heat (like taking a hot shower),an allergy, , too much sodium, or alcohol consumption. Chances usually improve to get it if you are at a young age.

The symptoms are your ear being red, hot, and uncomfortable burning feeling (not unbearable) in the ear.

The cure for now is staying hydrated and getting sleep like any sickness, but also either reducing sodium and increasing potassium or eating magnesium. If you need to add ice if it becomes a problem. Children get RES easier then adults. RES usually goes away at most after 1-3 days.

This is pretty much what everyone has said so far in a nutshell, anyone disagree?

anthony west

There are many different causes of red ear syndrome, such as taking certain medications, rosacea, genetics, so what you outline is part of part of one cause of red ear syndrome.

The fact that different factors and condtions cause red ear in different people mean that different solutions are appropriate.


One reason for our ears to turn red is that at times our sympathetic nervous system kicks in on its own and causes our bodies to release adrenalin and noradrenalin. Noradrenalin is the chemical responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle in the walls of the blood vessels. When the smooth muscle in the blood vessels relaxes the diameter of the vessel increases and the volume of blood passing through the blood vessel also increases. This is referred to as vasodilatation. When this happens the skin feels warm and may have a pink or red colour.

This usually happens when we feel nervous or stressed and is part of the "fight or flight" mechanism, even though the only "threat" may be social. However, in some people the sympathetic nervous sytem is overactive. This can be caused by inherited genes. We have no conscious control over the sympathetic nervous system so it kicks in without our decision to be "embarassed."

The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the control system for the body that keeps all our internal organs functioning properly. These maintenance activities are primarily performed without conscious control or sensation, The nerves report directly back to the brain stem and can keep functioning even when the conscious mind is no longer working, hence the ability of some brain-dead patients to continue to breathe. The ANS controls heart rate, digestion, respiration rate, salivation, perspiration, diameter of the pupils, micturition (the discharge of urine), blushing, sweating, and erection.

Uncontrollable blushing is also called Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema. Treatments include anti-anxiety medications, clonidine (inhibits the action of noradrenaline), beta-blockers, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and as a last resort, surgery.

Sweating is also controlled by the ANS and the cause of hyperhidrosis has been traced to overactivity in the sympathetic component, as opposed to the parasympathetic component, of the ANS.

There are other causes of flushing and sweating. Some people sweat excessively because they are obese or they may be suffering from an overactive thyroid gland. Menopause is another obvious cause of both flushing and sweating. Flushing and sweating can also be prominent physical symptoms associated with the mental health condition known as social phobia. Flushing is almost never due to a serious medical condition with one notable exception, which is the rare condition known as carcinoid syndrome.

Medication may also give rise to flushing. The list of possible culprits includes various hormonal treatments for prostate cancer; gylceryl trinitrate, which is used in the treatment of angina; tamoxifen, which is used in the treatment of breast cancer; raloxifene, which is used for treating osteoporosis; calcium channel blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure and chlorpropamide, which is used for treating diabetes and can cause flushing if the person takes alcohol concurrently.


Hi everyone... Like everyone else I stumbled across this posting after having another painful and embarrasing episode of bright red burning hands and right ear. I have been seeing a dr for many years, whom diagnosed this being as an allergic reaction to sulphur. The trick to understand is that sulphur can be in packaged foods as an additive but it also occurs naturally in many, many foods groups. Sulphur allergy tends to be culmative rather than reactive, hence why sometimes eating foods does not cause a reaction but eating too much of it in a short period of time or small amounts frequently, always causes this problem for me.

My reactions when mild involve only my ears and perhaps my hands, but more severe and it can be my whole face and arms and even lower legs. The only way I can deal with the pain from the burning is to sit in a cold bath (but I stress that I am obviously an extreme case).

I just thought I would share that with sulphur eliminated from my diet, the problems disappears for me, only reactivating when eating sulphur foods again.

I am not sure if this is the same as what others are experiencing, but it might be worth considering if all else fails.


I have the same issue with my ears burning. My symptoms are induced after eating chocolate (any form). I first noticed this about 17 years ago when I was 9 years old enjoying a chocolate milk. I believe this reaction is caused by a compound in chocolate, not cocoa its self, possible caffeine, although the burning sensation rarely occurs after just drinking coffee. Anyway, glad were not alone, and it is nice in the winter!


Wow, was not expecting so many people have this problem. I just got this a couple hours ago, and now that I see most people are getting this from lack of sleep I feel that it was nothing to really worry about.


For the first time at age 51, I felt a burning sensation in my right year. I felt this right after i got in bed.


I'm going to post again It is with out a doubt stress related for me. I am 17 years old and of late have been dealing with anxiety attacks for a couple of months. Yesterday I was playing a video game at home and I got really into it. While I was playing my ear ached so I went to feel it and it was feeling hot again! the aches went away fast, but the burning staed until I finished the game later.

My question to you guys: Has anyone been in stressful events when these episodes occurred?


I've been looking for a cure and cause of this for a few years.. currently i'm looking for a relation between this and hot showers... I noticed i got RES after taking showers with too hot water for a long time... it may be coincidence or it may be not... I found out that showering with cold water strengthen the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which often contributes to red and hot ears, Brings blood to the capillaries, therefore increasing circulation throughout the body, and
cleans the circulatory system.
And all of this is in a relation with red,... Also get Magnesium supplements . sleep well, reduce anxiety and drink enough of water... All of this should help for now... hope someone else can provide some new and useful informations so we can solve and eliminate all of this.


i think u get hot ears wen u concentrate- i dnt hav hot ears but my da does lol!
who knows?? :)


Please allow me to provide a rather crude metaphor for how this condition makes me (and maybe even all of us) feel.
…imagine you're standing in front of a group of people giving a presentation. For a moment everything seems to be going well. Now imagine if you will, that every time you become nervous, embarrassed, angry, tipsy, too hot, too cold, out of breath, perfectly relaxed, laughing, frowning, happy or sad, a penis (yes, you heard me…a real penis) begins growing out from the center of your forehead. Now picture we're back at this speech you're giving in some over-heated office with 15 people waiting impatiently for you to come to a point. Suddenly, you feel IT coming on. Gently at first. Almost imperceptibly. A tiny tingling sensation. But you know from experience there's nothing innocent about it. Oh no, the penis from your forehead is coming.
It's little more than a nub now, but already you can see everyone's eyes begin to move up to your forehead and you know exactly what they're staring at and it's not your beautiful new hairdoo.
But here, ladies and gentlemen, is where it gets worse, much worse: the more self conscious you become about that hunk of meat now protruding from your forehead, the bigger, fatter and veinier it grows, until before long you look like some sad 1950's atomic experiment gone horribly wrong. At this point every eye in the room is burning into you and inside your now misshapen head a single painful thought is resonating over and over again. "Please let me wake up from this nightmare. Please oh please!" But you can't. And by this point your head feels like it's about to explode.
There's no escape.
So you soldier on, feeling like a freak, you finish up and when it's all over and done with and you've licked your wounds and 'gotten over it,' then you know you should get home and rest, because you have tomorrow's speech to look forward to.


I hope no one is offended by this. I just figured, hell, if we can't have a laugh over it then we're done for.


I know exactly how you feel, been there a few times. the metaphor is perfect. i avoid almost any kind of public/group speaking at work. and it's a shame because i would like to be a successful business person. I know that i may never get the chance because of this. good luck with your fight!


I posted the above little story because frankly, most people don't get what this RES stuff does to the people who have it. "Don't worry, no one cares." "So your all red, it's really not a big deal." "Try not to let it control your life." "It's all in your mind." Statements like these don't help. They belittle what for me has been a rather crippling disease.
As for myself, I've had some RES for most of my life, but in the last 3 years (I'm 34), it's become almost unbearable. Hot airless rooms, touch, strong emotions (happy, angry, sad etc), exercise (especially sex) all ignite my ears in a sudden and dramatic way. I won't say I have it worse than anyone else, but I will say that my ears don't get red, they get PURPLE and hot and they throb and will stay that way for hours on end.

Here's what I've tried to fix it:
Doctors (beyond useless)
Specialists (worse)
Dietary changes
Blood tests
V-beam laser

I'm a high school teacher so you can imagine how it's affected my life, personally and professionally. It's gotten to the point where I carry a tiny spray bottle around with me and mist my ears whenever I can. My friends ask me why I've been such a hermit lately. I'm running out of excuses. I'm always calculating. Ok, it's 87 degrees out and I'll have to take the subway so I'll already be screwed by the time I get there. No sorry guys, not feeling well.
What kills me the most is I'm, I'd say, extremely confident and love interacting with people. In the past, my level of social anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10 would probably have been a 1 or 2. Now it's about 12 or 13.
One of the doctors I went to see early on was convinced that, although I seemed calm, I was a worry wart and that my mind was responsible for making my ears bright red. I said "Really? Ok, do me a favor, turn your ears red for me please." To which she replied after some hesitation, "I can't." To which I said, "me neither." Interesting conversation.


Thanks earstick for sharing
so after everything you've done or tried to fix, none is working for you?

I seriously hope someone is coming up with a good remedy for it
I'm gonna take up some magnesium supplement..hope it does some wonder there


I'm glad I found this forum. Lots of posts and lots of helpful ideas to try. Short of a cure, we can at least commiserate together. ;-)
For about a week now I've been taking 500mg of magnesium supplements. I'm going to give it a month before I decide whether it's helping or not and I'll post once that month is up.
From my own research I'm convinced both my sympathetic nervous system and my immune system are on overdrive. My 'S.N.S.' giving me hot flashes and making me feel like a menopausal woman. My 'I.S.' freaking out anytime I touch my ears (urticaria maybe? who knows).
I'd say the most telling aspect of RES has to be that you don't see it around much. Not because no one has it and not because it's so rare, but because the people who have it go to great, unimaginable lengths to hide it. It keeps me indoors and ducking for cover, when all I wanna do is have a normal life.


Do let us know whether the magnesium is working for you or not? thx

Anonymous many people and so many posts with this red hot ear problem...My fiancee seems to have this from last one week now...Her ears turn red, hot and kind of a bit swollen as well..itchy at times and mostly in the evenings..sometimes both or other times one of them. I was trying to look for answers when I got directed to this place..but it's really hard to read all th posts..I wish someone could compile the posts together under a theme..such as PROBLEMS and TRIED SOLUTIONS or SOLUTIONS THAT WORKED and SUCCESSFUL DIAGNOSIS..Anyways a range of issues are mentioned here..and I am not sure where to start from to understand my fiancee's plight. But thanks anyways because it definitely cleared my doubt that she is the only one with this problem..


Any updates from you guys?


I can tell you right now emphatically that the RES syndrome is due to a congested/fatty liver. Doing some Liver Flush Detox and cleaning up our diets is the way to rejuvenate the Liver.


What makes you so confident that will work? Lots of people here have recommended rolled oats. Whenever I eat rolled oats my face and ears explode.


I have been suffering with this problem for about a year. I have come to the conclusion that the cause of red ear syndrome is broken capillaries underneath the skin on the ears. When a person with red ear syndrome has an increase in blood pressure (from eating hot food, taking a walk, showering, whatever), it causes blood to leak into the ear tissue from the broken capillaries. The blood will eventually drain out of the tissue, but it takes time. It is during this period that a person's ears will be red/purple and hot.

If broken capillaries are indeed the cause of red ear syndrome, it may be possible to fix this through laser surgery. I actually have an appointment for a consultation with a reputable laser surgery center next month. Hopefully, I will have good news to report.


Many might not afford laser surgery. But do let us know about your update. Hopefully it does miracle for you.


hoping to hear miracle news from you


I tried both IPL and Vbeam laser on my ears. Went through several extremely painful sessions and it didn't really seem to help me at all. There is a syndrome where blood pools in the extremities. I may have this as I often feel as though my fingers and feet are so filled with blood they're going to burst.
I've been taking 500mg of magnesium for about 3 weeks now and haven't noticed a huge difference. The only time I'd noticed a major improvement was when I was drinking lots of carrot juice (vit A and has anti inflammatory properties). Nothing else has worked quite as well.


but i also heard that you'll have to undergo a few session of laser treatment before completely healed.
Thanks for the tips of taking carrot juice. will try it out.


Hi Ive had hot ears, back of neck associated with anxiety at random times for a few years. Usually after wine, beer, prawns, salmon, etc. It responds to antihistamine tablets after 40min-1hr. It began to get worse and even though Im a doctor myself I couldnt figure it out. Initially my allergy team thought I had systemic mastocytosis, but it turned out in the end I had an intolerance to Sodium Metabisulfite and suddenly everything made sense. This preservative is in everything and your reaction to it depends on how much you expose yourself-even up to 48hrs later. See these links:


How did they figure out what you had an intolerance to? Is there a specific type of tests for this? My ears turn red immediately after eating yogurt or other things with active yeast cultures. The problem went away for 5+ years and recently returned after about a month of eating yogurt and cottage cheese with active yeast cultures.


I have red ears too. I am 11 years old and it ususally triggers after school. It is ALWAYS my right ear with this problem. I had this problem since elementary school and its been bothering me


Hey guys, I've had the condition all my life and I'm 31 now. I've read some posts about people having this temporarily or due to some medication, but I can tell you that this is a condition that some of us have endured for decades. So, those that have only had this condition for a short time, you should know that the problem is much deeper. If anyone has a support group or something let me know.
I've posted before here, but the main reason for this post has to do with the Magnesium supplements. I am reading from some that Magnesium is beneficial to our condition. I am also reading that any food containing sulfur or "sulfites" is a trigger for our condition.
FYI-I just bought a bottle of "Finest Natural" Magnesium supplements, 250mg, from Walgreens and they contain "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate". I'm guessing that sulfate is just as bad as sulfite. I am going to throw this bottle out and look for a new one.


I mentioned I'd report on my results from taking 500mg of magnesium a day so here it is. It's been over a month now and I can't say it's helped much more than 10-15% tops (placebo effect?). Drinking carrot juice 2-3 times a day, however, reduced both the duration and intensity of my RES by about 30%. So far I haven't seen anything beat that.

Neither could be considered a cure really, just something to help manage the symptoms. But my question is symptoms of what? Do all of us have the same thing? Or do we have different issues which exhibit the same symptoms?

As for me. My ears don't usually hurt, they swell quite a bit, but don't hurt. I get a tingle before they activate, then my ear and the surrounding area start getting hot. One side or both, it varies. Obviously by then they're very red (they're always a bit red). If I don't remove myself from whatever environmental factor is causing it they'll go nova in no time and take on the deep huge of red wine. If that happens I'm f***** for 2-3 hours minimum.

There's definitely a mental component to this, but for me the mental is simply a reaction to the onset of RES.


My eight-year-old son has had his left ear get hot and red when he's tired since he was a toddler. We always used to tell him he couldn't hide the fact that he was tired b/c his ear let us know when it was time for him to get to bed. For the last year or so I've noticed that my four-year-old son has this problem as well but not as often as my older son. Like so many of you on this site, I had no idea it was such a common problem. When I asked my doctor about it years ago, she really had no comment about it b/c she had never heard of it! She acted as if I was crazy for even bringing it up. I wish I knew about all of you when I talked to her about it! I also wish there was a definite known cause. I find it interesting that the majority of people that deal with this are boys/men. My daughter has never dealt with this problem, but both of my boys do.


Hi everyone, I had hot ear (only right ear) problem all my life and my best solution is to apply ice on it for a while. I am healthy 34/M from Vancouver BC. My ear gets hot at 6-6:30 everyday just before I have my dinner after a tiring day. If I am extra tired then my face gets a bit warm as well. Over the years I have associated this with being tired and my hot ear cools down after an hour.

A friend of mine says that the human body has a way of cooling the blood temperature by utilizing the relatively thin body part "ears". This theory makes sense if the problem really is the blood warming up a small fraction higher than the normal body temperature because the ears would be the ideal location to drop the increase in temperature. A warmer blood may also mean a temporary weakness in the body (a combination of hunger+tiredness+stress) after a long day but not enough weakness to put you in bed sick. But your body is fighting anyways. Please let me know if this makes sense.


I'm positive that it is communicable. I'd like to see the CDC take notice. I've have it since 1987 - anybody had it longer than that?


To Anonymous from Vancouver - what you say makes a lot of sense. I think your theory and the "broken capillaries" theory above are the best explanations so far. It makes you wonder though, if you are right, why the Hell the body doesn't use the toes for this "blood cooling" mechanism. Why the ears ??? It's crazy that after millions of years of evolution the body hasn't developed an "embarrassment consideration" to it's functions.
I don't think there is a mental cause to this, but the anxiety from the social embarrassment could worsen the effect, the ear could get hotter and redder. The body and mind reinforce each other and outcome is very bad. But I believe the initial redness is purely physiological. I hope there would be some magic pill to prevent it. When it happens to me in public there's one thing on my mind: there is no god.


I get RES too. By the way, we were created perfect by God. I suggest that any Christians reading this pray for this ABC guy. God Bless you :-)


I have RES for 3 years, the neurologist I consulted believe that this is because the lack of oxygen to the brain. I have a deviated septum that breathing the air is less during night with sleap apnea causing the redness in the face and ear, I feel sleepy during the day and my hand num during the night that is due to sleep Apnea. does anyone have similar symptoms?

Mohamad N.


Hi, I am 49 and have RES for 3 years. I have done all the test and all is fine (MRI, blood test, 24 hours urine, TSH). it happened once a day right or left ear. after consultation with the neurologist, he beleive that it is because lack of exygen to the brain. I have deviated septum in one nostril of the nose, breating with snoring at night may be the cause of that. I tried the magneseum supplement, it did not helped much, the carrot juice help id reducing the frequency of the suymptom. does anyone have similar symptom with sleep apnea?


I posted before about the fact that this disease is communicable. I have observed it firsthand, and I'm curious if anyone else has comment. It's not allergies or a magnesium deficiency - I know we all wish it was, so that we could be free from it that easily, but it's not. I have seen the disease spread through my family and co-workers, and until the medical community treats this RES as communicable rather than laughable, I'm afraid that we will continue to suffer. I'm in my 40's now; it started in my senior year of High School. It has profoundly affected my life, and not for the bettter. When I read these posts, the ones that truly break my heart are from the young kids who are suffering and looking for answers - I remember how horrible it was to sit in class and feel the redness start and the anger and helplessness that went with it. At least now I have positioned myself in a career where I can be outside (and usually alone) when I get a flare up. I hope that there will be a cure some day. I do think that some people have a natural immunity to this, so I have to believe that there is hope. By the way, I have to agree with another poster that men are more likely to contract the disease than women. Also, and this is probably totally unconnected and coming out of left field, but does anyone else have a dark colored spot on either ear - kind of like a freckle or mole? Like behind the ear, or on the edge? Take care all - I wish you the best in your struggles.


yes i have that black spot - kind of like a mole deep bellow the edge of my ear.


A deep mole - that's how I would describe it. I asked because I have one and I noticed it on some stranger who had an RES flare-up in the elevator. Anyone else? Any connection? Unless Anonymous is the guy from the elevator, that's three people.


I'm waay late to this thread, but in case anyone else winds up here; I've been getting one red/hot ear as long as I can remember. I'm 31 now, been happening since at least 5 - 6. Also a male, and also have a spot on the top of one ear.


Hi all, I have had this condition for 24 years on an almost daily basis. Its wrecking my head as so far as embarrassment and anxiety go. This anxiety and embarrassment , I must add are a by product of a greater cause. I haven't drunk alcohol in 4 years and no change. I get the red ears thing kicking in between 5 and 6-30 pm every day. I have tried changes to diet (no dairy, wheat / Gluten , modified foods, processed foods, caffeine, preservatives, seafood) = no change. I have broken my jaw at the TMJ joint (just infront of my right ear and I thouoght that was a culprit but now after reading so many similar stories I doubt it. I lost 1 x lung, spleen and ruptured many organs in a car accident but again after reading so many similar stories from people who have no similar medical history I also dont see this as relevant. I have had physio, chiropractic treatments etc on my back and next (manipulations and readjustments) and this seems to help for a few days then its back to the same old pattern . One thing I did notice yesterday is that when I feel one of these episode coming on, like Im overheating etc I saw that my entire chest was red then blended into a darker red in my face and my ears were just glowing crimson. So I beleive there is a metabolic trigger or catalyst that sends blood to the capillaries network but the "return flow" doesn't engage so to speak. Its almost as if the blood gets sent to the upper extremities (ears, head) as it does after a hot shower but fails to "switch off" for a few hours. It doesnt drain back down... Like a fight or flight the body is in panic mode... God its annoying the hell outta me. I also get bi-lateral temporal pounding when these episodes start up.. Like the worst headaches you can imagine because I can literally feel the blood pumping through the blood vessels in front of and to the ears. I have tried all sorts of medications, vaso dilators, vaso constrictors, anti inflammatories, massive vitamin doses, (B2, B 12 , C ..everything). Prednisone, pain killers...nothing to date has helped in the slightest.
I work at a desk all day. I finish work > drive for about 40 minutes > get home and this redness thing kicks in. It rarely happens in the weekends but if I am hunched over a computer all day and I straighten out after driving home it kicks off. Like a massive release of blood to the upper capillaries. Someone must have an answer. I am currently seeing a neurologist who wants to x ray the area of my spine (Occipital) area, where the head joins the spine and also do a EEG to see brain activity.
After 20 or so years of no solution, this condition is ruling my life. Im not kidding, it puts me in bad moods when it happens and I become very anti social because of the embarrassment factor.
I will update this post with a result of the Nuro dudes suggestions in a week or so.


Hi I am 25, I have had the issue of one hot ear. I believe to have inherited it from my father. From what I have been able to conclude and research, it does seem to be an allergy to sulfites and perhaps sulfa in medications.

I am allergic to erythromycin (sulfa based) since a child. I was hospitalized and injected with benedryl which contains sodium metabisulfate and broke out in hives around the injection site (mild hives but not a normal reaction to an antihistamine). I have taken benedryl since and notice the all annoying "red ear" (always the right ear).

When I drink wine I do also have the same red right ear, as does my father. However, what I am most intrigued by is the correlation with ADHD. I was diagnosed years ago, but only recently started taking medication for it. I do notice at night as the medication wears off I have the red right ear. This prompted my inquire into this symptom since my medication contains what seems to be a form or many forms of sulfates.

I am sure a doctor would be very capable of explaining the correlation further, but after reading this site I am surely going to ask about it.


i got that, my left ear sometimes my right start glowing each every night and day, especially in the winter, i cant sleep because of it


I have had a bit of a breakthrough (over the last few days any way). I started taking ginkgo jojoba 2500 mg tablets, just one in the morning and the red ear situation seems to have abated completely.
I tested it by having a very hot shower around the time in the afternoon when these red ear episodes are at their worst and there was not a sign of the past condition of one then both ears engorging with blood and turning scarlet red. I will see what the next few weeks do but it seems to have a very positive effect so far. Ginkgo Jojoba is a natural remedy for circulation problems so it sort of makes sense.


I have had some sort of breakthrough by taking 60mg (1 x 000 size tablet) of Ginkgo Jajoba in the morning. 6 days and no red ears, even after a hot shower in the afternoon...the worst time in the past for this condition to flare up. Ginkgo is to aid circulation in the body so that kind of makes sense.


There are medical treatments being used off licence to treat this reported in medical literature, including alpha blockers (e.g. moxonodine or clonidine) and anti-depressants (e.g. mirtazapine). The causation can be rosacea of the ears, which is damaged blood vessels, although there are other causations to this syndrome.

Me too Iguana

My initial concern was a problem that I am having with fluid in the MIDDLE ear; it won't drain and I'm about 75% deaf in one ear about half the time (sometime it pops and I'm OK for a few hours). My doctor put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics and 4 weeks of alergy/decongestant meds. I think that the doc put me on the antibiotics because of what he saw and maybe because of my reddened ear. I am to the 3rd week and very little change. I'm scheduling an appt with an ENT specialist.

Last night, I Googled "hot ear" (maybe red ear) and got you guys. Anxiously, I scrolled all the way to the bottom for the end of the story. No such luck. I was hoping there might be a connection.

On this board, I've seen soooo many with the red ear problem. Some were suggesting some pretty scary reasons and some some equally scary solutions so I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth and my story.

I'm 65/M. I know that I've had this condition since, at least, 1969 because I remember a man in my office had the same problem; his ear was "purple". Maybe mine turns purple sometime, I don't know. I may have had it before then, I just don't remember for sure. Since I've had this for 42+ years, I don't think it is a precursor to anything like lupus or an autoimmune problem and I'm not going to have laser treatments.

HOWEVER, with as many of us as there are, there may be as many DIFFERENT answers. Please continue to address your problems, just don't go overboard.

Comment to zero: I've got you beat.
Comment to ABC: Maybe evolution IS crazy and there really IS a God.


My ear just gets a rush of warm air, which feels unatural, there is no pain, once or twice it was a little uncomfortable. It lasts for only a short time and usually in the right ear.


I have cured my RES....I take parsley everyday, maybe a potato..the key ingredient is potassium...When i keep my potassium up, and decrease sodium, my RES goes away...Trust me, i have documented this for some time now...This has worked for me, maybe it will work for you...Sodium sensitivity plays out within the ears, do urself a favor and try it, and see if it have nothing to lose...Oh, BTW when it does work for you, make sure i get the credit, thanks


I posted before that I found something that revealed this condition, namely Ginko Jojoba,....well it doesn't! things are back to their rosy worst. arrrrrrrgggghhhh!


Some people might find this beneficial..but after documenting what I ate and how my ears reacted, in my condition I believe it still to be a Sodium Sensitive issue which manifests itself in the RES..


To Anonymous from Vancouver and ABC...I live in Malaysia and it is always hot here. As far as me getting red ears goes, it happens more or less around the same 2 hour window most days between 5 and 7 pm. I can be out during the morning in 35 C degree heat (95 Fahrenheit) and I dont get the ears flaring up and turning red so the whole cooling idea may be questionable.


when i was younger it happened a lot. i would put water on them and it would cool them off. It only happenes to me if they get touched or handled.

red ear lovers

hallooo red ear lovers :D
now my right ear is gettin hot and red.
I have little research about that case, im getting red and hot while i get new experience and i'am so exited about that. i dunno why. lol
but,its cool when you are in the mirror. like half devil ;p


I found this website a while ago, and have only been posting my own experiences over the past 6-7 months. But this red ear problem has been slowly ruining my life for the last 5 years. Now keep in mind, my red ears weren't just in the evening or when it was hot. Anything and everything gave me red ears. Not just red, but purple. No joke. And every single day for 5 years without exception.

I've tried every dietary change I could think of, and I've listed some of those things in earlier posts so I won't
waste time recapping, but rest assured, I was desperate enough that I even contemplated having them surgically
removed and replaced with some kind of transplant. LOL. Sounds retarded, but at the time, it seemed like a viable
option. ANYWAY, my girlfriend--who's been worried about the effect this has had on me--convinced me to try a high quality (but low cost) concealer and holy crap, you wouldn't believe how well this works. It's literally given me my life back. Best part for me as a guy. It doesn't look like I have anything on at all. I was shocked and frankly very hesitant about the whole thing since what guy wants to go around with make-up on. Of course you have to match it to your skin tone, so I'd advise getting samples of it first, and a little paint brush looking thing to apply it. Oh also remover to take it off before you put on a different shade. Lock yourself away for a day as I did and experiment. I don't know &%#* about make-up, but the one she got me was Redness Solutions by Clinique. It's 25 bucks a bottle and I only wish I'd found this stuff before spending a couple grand on laser. Oh another thing, when I'm out sometimes I can feel my ears getting hot and my brain says 'oh crap here we go,' but then I hit the washroom and check the mirror and they're totally normal looking. It kind of messes with your head...but in a good way. Anyway, I hope this helps someone.


This sounds like me to a T. I have had this/noticed it since I was in 6th grade and it can certainly make a mess out of your social life, largely because people are complete asses and always point it out to make you feel embarrassed. I have always wondered are any of you suffers married or have serious girlfriends? I have always worried about passing this crap on to future children as I would not want them to suffer from this, also not sure many women would want a guy like me.

Lukaii 66

WOW! what a huge amount of people that are divulging their red ear problems. I have the same problem, however it only happens very rarely for me. The last time i had it was at a college open evening. My right ear went bright red and hot, it has happened alot prior to this as well. Also it itches and is drives me crazy, its embarrasing as well, is there anything that could necessarily cause it? Stress? Tiredness?


I have done some research, and it is a superstition, Its if your ears are warm someone is talking about you, Right ear is something bad, Left ear is something good. : ) I get it all the time!!!!!!


Does anyone who suffers this Red Ear thing also get neck and back problems? Pain in the neck / back. I have noticed that this happens to me more at the end of the day if I have been sitting all day at a computer with few breaks. Also when I drive home and get out of the car within 10 -20 minutes the right ear goes red then both go so very red it does my head in. Cold shower relieves it for about 5 minutes but after that its with me for two hours approx. My neck is always painful as well as tightness in my shoulders and middle / upper back. It seems that there is a reaction where the blood flows to the ears in a fight / flight response then sort of stays stuck on full and the blood doesn't return, it just keeps sending more so the ears are red and inflamed. Really embarrassing as everyone has a laugh when they look at me. Also , I have broken my jaw in the past...just saying...


Hello! ekeadek interesting ekeadek site! I'm really like it! Very, very ekeadek good!


I am 13 and this happens to me. My left ear appears pretty red, and when I touch it, it is warmer then my right ear. It's kinda embarrassing and sometimes people comment on it. But by look at this site I can tell that this is common and probably not dangerous, just embarrassing. So many people wouldn't have it and yet doctor's don't know what it is if it was dangerous. They would've figured it out by now.
So basically I'm saying: chill and everyone... and even though it sucks to have this is part of you so get used to it.


Omg I get this as well but strangely only on my left ear and many people get on there left ear I've also got a cold and I only started getting it when my cold started


My ear lobes gt hot & itchy its starting to swell, then my heart palpitates, i am about to sleep bt my breathing isnt normal... my stomach aches a bit... :(

Kiss Pista

Hi Everybody!

I also have this hot red ear thing for years, now I've found the solution for me. It came true that I have several food allergy (milk, soy, egg, nuts...etc) and If i avoid to eat these kind of foods I am totally good. No hot ear, no red ear. Now I am sooooo happy, because I know how to handle this problem, it is easier then I ever thought. :) Good luck for all of you! Greetings from Hungary.


@ Kiss, congrats that you have had some success. When you had the allergy test was it blood tests or scratch tests? have you tried eating one or all of these foods to see if they do cause reddening of your ears?


I successfully used a multi sensory approach to healing in order to gain control over my hot, red ears. If interested, you can read my story and see a detailed description of the methods I used by going to:

McKenzie P

This has been happening to me my whole life. Not even exaggerating. And I'm a girl, so it's not a guy thing. Any explanations why???


Hey, the right side of my head tingles, then my right ear gets throbbing red like molten iron blood's being pumped thru it, and I want to stare into space or wander. and i cant concentrate on more than youtube videos or reading wikis. what the heck?


Sounds like ADHD, which is what I have, as well as RES!


My left ear gets hot and red when I drink alchohol.....WTF?

Red ear Rob

The sun makes my right ear beet red and somewhat hot.

Susan Lewis

Hey,like one guy said I never knew this is such a problem for so many of us!!
 Both ears just got beet red and hot as a frying pan! I have not noticed one or more things that causes them to become hot,I could be at the computer,on the phone,reading,it always sneaks up on me without warning,I have had this for as long as 10 years and it makes me want to scream,because my Dr told me he had no idea what causes it....
Well the only thing that kinda help is when I place a really cold washcloth on it for a prolong period of time and or sit in front of the fan,I usually try to calm down because I get very frustrated when it happens....Lady J


To add to my other comment the reason people get the red hot ears or for some like myself who also feel like their face and neck are burning, is because people who have lyme disease can have extreme sensitivity to hot and cold. The most common is heat! This can be something as simple as the heat from your cell phone or hair dryer. This was a huge problem for me during the summer time. Almost as bad this winter because it has gotten worse and i have the problem just by going outdoors in the cold and then going back in my house that is heated. Those of you who may not be able to afford going to a doctor right now might check and see if you have leftover antibiotics. Obviously professionals will say to consult a doctor first but if your like me an average american, you cant always afford to do this. So you might try what i did and see if it helps you at all. If your symptoms start to get better then i would say theres a good chance you have lyme disease. Not all antibiotics will work but the most common used for this disease is doxycyclin. The one i had extra was a generic for keflex 500 mg ( cephalexin). I only took 1 in the morning and again about dinnertime.


tomato, ADHD, seem to be the recurrent theme here. I had ADHD as a kid. And i just ate a lot of tomato the whole week.

beth wales

funny you should have said that,ss .Daughter has had red ear syndrome all her life (she's 22).Usually happens right after evening meal .Last night a friend was here for dinner and remarked that daughters ear hadn't gone red(we had homemade korma curry.You would expect a curry to have an effect).Friend said she knew someone who had an allergy to fruits with seeds in them(including tomatoes).Decided to test the theory and gave daughter a cherry tomato.We watched as her ear went red hot and redness extended down her cheek.This could have been coincidence,so will test further.(tomato is part of the nightshade family which includes potato and aubergine,-all of which I use frequently).

beth wales

Some people have hypersensitivity to salicylates which are in tomatoes,berries and oranges
I'm researching the effect of histamines on the body(which can cause vasodilation and allergies/intolerance).A lot of fruits, including tomatoes,contain this.
Apparently, taking Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2, (which can be depleted through the winter months) can help. Posters here have mentioned their RES gets worse in winter.
.A lot of Vit D3 supplements contain magnesium stearate, which someone on here has also said has helped them.

beth wales

My daughters ear went bright red after eating a cherry tomato last night.The redness spread down her cheek too. She has had RES since she was 4 and is now 22.

Scott David

Here is what has finally (26 years searching for any relief from Red Eras) and this has nailed it far so good anyway.
Sibelium 5mg plus 20mg Inderal (Propronol)morning and same again 3pm.

A neurologist put me on this regime after I researched and Australia Medical White Paper on Red Ear Syndrome that I purchased online.

Sibelium is Flunarizine. SIBELIUM is a selective calcium antagonist. It prevents cellular calcium overload by reducing excessive transmembrane calcium influxes.

this has worked so well . I have had 2 episodes of vascular Red Ear in a month. Before that it was daily.


I also have this embarrassing irritating symptom surfacing every day.
How does it influence people around you, does their ears also go red?


Mike, it's not helpful to make fun of peoples worries.
No, of course it doesn't "influence" anyone around you.
It appears it is possibly a dietary problem (histamine or sulfites) or a vascular imbalance.
There could be numerous reasons why it happens evening more than morning,or when people are tired.Could also be linked to neck strain/compression.(after sitting at a desk/computer for a while)
It's always worth trying some diet exclusion for 2 weeks at a time, cutting out one thing you regularly eat ,or foods that have vinegar for example, to see if it makes a difference.It doesn't cost anything and doesn't involve potent drugs.



I have had this challenge for some time as well. Left ear will get hot and red usually every afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00. I sit at a desk all day.

What works for me every time is taking a small portion (5mg) of a beta blocker (atenolol) in the morning. Although I don't necessarily feel stressed every time this happens, it seems the sympathetic nervous systems kicks in for some reason. Unfortunately atenolol makes me feel drowsy, forgetful at times and less sharp so it is not the ideal solution.

Would be interesting to know if this works for others.


Well last night I stayed up until 3:30 am
Eating steak and tv night. Any ways I've been staying
Up for around 3 days. I think it happens because
It could be STRESS considering I go to school
Also it could be a good sign of EAR INFECTION.
Or the common COLD. So sleep, be healthy
And try to keep clean to stop any sickness. Hope this helps!


Holy wow! My left ear since I was a kid has often gotten hot, like right at this moment it's hot! Over 1,000 comments and I don't feel so alone with it! My grandma and my mom always said when the left ear gets hot it means someone that loves me is talking about me... The right ear means someone is talking out of spite about me. Left ear love, right ear spite.

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